Thursday, March 23, 2006

A visit to the dentist....

I got one tooth on the verge of dying.....but the dentist said the tooth already dead..(still in denial phase..)

The dentist poke it with needles through the cavity and i don't felt a thing!!!

It's either I cabut the tooth or have a root canal and crowning treatment...sound a bit scary and expensive..hahahaha..

But I'm too sayang with my canal it is..

More info on what root canal thingy..go to this link.

Any body who has done this procedure, is it painful??

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Too many topics to write..

Yeah..i got a lot of things going through my mind..but so little time to write..So here we go..

First and foremost..PETROL PRICE HAS GONE UP 30 CENTS! Crazy or what..I suddenly have this crave to punch somebody's face..eeiii...eeeiii...can we do something abt this? Boycott or something? I know its rather lame but its like we the consumers have no rights at all! That's why I really..really hope the developers could hand us the house's keys NOW!!

Number two: This 'try-to-get-baby' thingy..I've decided to be more open and try..yeah..try to be an optimist person. No more tears whatsoeva....I used to cry whenever I heard somebody got pregnant..or delivers babies..I will now be happy for those people..and just pray that my time will come soon.As for rite now, I have my own little baby(my cutey nutty niece) and 'little' baby(my manja hubby) for me to pamper!

Thirdly- At last, hubby and I have finished our shopping spree on our house's lights and fans. The next item on the refurnished our rattan sofa terribly needs new sets of coating and cushion covers. The coating, hubby decided to do it himself..with some help from me..( I could do it..can aa hubby?) kind of fabric do we want to choose for the covers???

Yesterday was my mom's birthday! I've just bought a cake during lunch today and can't wait to see her this evening at maksu's is now taking care of her sister in confinement..till then..

Let's ride a bicycle definitely can save petrol cost!