Friday, September 30, 2011

Mishap Happens

Wow..I have been neglecting this little space of mine for quite some time. I had no other reason other than being totally busy from the last post.

Last Monday, my handbag was stolen from my car when I sent my kids to the nursery. Well you know the hassle when we lost our belongings...had to make all the necessary arrangements to replace all the important documents. Phewwww...such a big-hard lesson for me. I've lost most of my precious items..huhu..redha ajelah.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Syawal So Far

Oh my, since it is still Syawal, as we all expected is full of gastronomic adventures!

Last week, with the extended weekend there were a lot of open houses. On Friday, hubby invited some of his close friends for dinner and I had whipped up a simple mee kuah for the guests. Alhamdullilah it turned out great for my first attempt. And we also had sate, yummy!

Then Saturday was the 'EAT' day! Our route for that day BB Bangi- Kota Damansara- Shah Alam Sek 18-Shah Alam Sek 19 - Damansara Damai - BB Bangi..Hectic I tell you! My son kept asking when we would be heading back..kesian anakku!

And on Sunday, I was busy preparing stuff for office potluck. I was assigned with sambal ikan bilis and pengat pisang. Sound easy huh? But to tell the truth it took me almost a day to prepare those two dishes. There's a lot of interruption in between, i.e Putting down the adik to sleep, adik made his 'business', send adik to the front (countless times), eat, pray, wash clothes, supervising the cleaner, etc...

Yesterday, was my office 'open day'..I was literally on heels all the time yesterday. Thought of landing down once I reached home but hubby's uncle invited for his open house in Kelana Jaya...*lap peluh*...

And the result of yesterday's hard work-- I woke up late this morning!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Second Wave

As what I've written in my Raya post, Nazif was down with fever and vomiting episode on the raya itself. We thought with the medicine given, he was healthy again. But unfortunately, last week on Tuesday, the vomiting restarted. And this second time around it got worse. Looking at his condition, I was mentally prepared to get him hospitalized when we took him to see the doctor ( Even packed a hospital bag!!). Luckily after one bottle of IV, he seemed a lot better which translates into less vomiting. But still he was weak, prefer to lay down and sleep. He took more time to recover this time.

Dah kurus anak Mummy..
As of today, he seemed a lot better. Slowly gaining back his appetite.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Naqib 1st Birthday!

Alhamdullilah, my little boy Naqib turns ONE year! We just had a small celebration at mom's place with his cousins.

He's a toddler now!!

Looks like abang Nazif yang lawan tokey..hehe

With daddy!

As of today, at one year and one week, Naqib has started walking! Still 'Lesen L', but he kept improving!! Some words that he uttered were 'Abah', 'Tat--Cat', 'Bird', 'Atas', and a few more that Mummy has forgotten.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Untitled seems that I'm getting lazy in updating this little space of mine. A lot to write. Well let me joy down in point forms

- Naqib turns one year
- Nazif had another round of vomiting and fever, sort of second wave
- and me attending PMP training..

Emm what else? Well definitely it looks like raya mood still lingers. Open house invitation started coming in..

Monday, September 05, 2011

Eid This Year

So, we are back to the old routine..
Alhamdulilah, we safely arrived at hubby's hometown for the hari raya.  And just like two years back, Nazif was sick on the first day of raya. Last time it was diarrhea. This year, fever and series of vomiting on that raya night.

Raya morning, Nazif fall asleep after taking his bath

Alhamdulilah this little fella was healthy, Mummy couldn't ask for more

Feeling a lot better after taking his nap..

Finally, a family picture!

Luckily on second day of raya Nazif has recovered despite he's afraid to eat due to his vomiting. But most importantly he was up and running like before. So, we managed to visits some relatives and friends on that day