Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Artist at Work

I've been meaning to update about Nazif's work of 'art' only baru ter'rajin' nak buat.

My boy at work..

Dah penat right hand, left hand plak

Among Nazif's conteng2 yg sempat Mummy snap

Ni lah 'masterpiece' paling 'berharga' , (L)-My FD Wing chair marked with BLACK marker, (R)-His study table and chair..

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's Rambling

  • Lately my posting certainly lacks of pictures..sungguh tak meriahkan...I don't know why..even pictures of Nazif pun dah jarang ambik...when I'm on the mood, my son did not cooperate well..he's at the stage whenever he saw me with a camera or my phone to snap pictures, he would be running straight to me! And he the one 'busybody' to click the camera. Then the result of course la tah hape-hape punya gambar daaa...
  •  Tomorrow I'm having another monthly check-up with my obgyn. Can't wait, can't wait!. I really really think..not just my imagination, that I've started to feel those fluttering sensation in my tummy. I THINK I can feel this little muchkin moving already! Its quite early if compared to Nazif, I only started to feel him when I was around 17 weeks.
  • When we asked Nazif about the baby, he would point to himself and said 'Abam' meaning 'Abang', followed with cheeky smiles.. Hehe..he's started to grasp the idea boy Abam! 
  •  Tomorrow is Earth Hour 2010! We'll see how it it better than last year?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Copycat

Last night, right after drinking his milk, Nazif as usual will do his 'business'.
Hubby was upstairs. I'm still with my sensitive nose, so for the cleaning up process I will 'pass' to him.

Me : Yang, yang..Nazif be*k..turun lah..

No reply..

Me : Yang..oh..yang ..yang..

And followed by this:

Nazif : Yang..oh..yang.. 

*Gelak guling-guling Mummy sorang-sorang*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Please Tell Me...

What is the remedy for writer's block and the M-syndrome?


Then I rest my case..till when I don't know.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Miscellaneous Story..

Today's update in point form..hehehe..oh I'm feeling colorful today because its Friday!

Mummy forgot
About his son turning 21 months on Wednesday...yer sindrom pelupa sudah melanda...only realized bout it when I carefully looked at the ticker.

My Pregnancy 
Today I'm turning into 14 weeks, which is considered entering into second trimester. SUPPOSED to be honeymoon time, but masih tak menampakkan tanda2 mabuk akan akan hilang. Another thing that I really don't like is my attire now..I can hardly get into my jeans or pants but I'm too big for maternity pants..get it? Dlm dilema gitu..

Book Fair
The KL International Book Fair starts today! The event will end on 28 March. I really wish this time I could make it! Maybe next week..dear hubby if you read this, jom pegi, nak??

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When Your Mind Does Not Tally With Your Fingers

My mind go bonkers when its time to update..hehee.Really wanted to write but everything was jumbled up. You see, sometimes the idea would popped out in the most bizarre time, like while eating,walking, doing some work and believe it I even dreamed of it. But when the moment I put my hands on the keyboard, PUFFF!! its gone!

Oh, today I had a dose of down the memory lane when I had a site visit at MM*U..its been almost 10 years since I graduated. Wow..! It felt different though, there were lots of foreign students, well if compared during my time where foreign students can be counted. The place was bustling with activities. I think they are busy preparing for their Open Day this coming weekend, 21st March 2010. 

So for those who are still searching to secure their placement in university, don't miss the chance. They even provide free shuttle service from Serdang Komuter Station ( for Cyberjaya Campus).

Monday, March 15, 2010

His So-Called Obsession

Nazif adalah sgt obses dgn all type of vehicles nowadays... Often during our travel in the car he happily showed to the bus, tar(cars), yeeyii(lorry), tal (bicycle)..but his favourite would be the motorbike! And he called them 'oto'..

Last night, when we were watching TV, our front neighbor was starting his superbike..mmg agak kuatla bunyinya..and this boy adalah sgt excitednya..'aaa...oto..vromm vromm, nak naik...'

Then he said..daddy, nak tee..nak tee..

Mak bapak adalah confuse..amende nya tee..t-shirt kah? and his hand pointing to somewhere..and then the door..

Oh..he meant the 'Key'..yes..he asked his daddy for a key to open the door so that he can watch the motor..

Hai la anak!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Planning For Second Birthday..

In about 3 months time, Nazif will turn two! Last year even though we didn't celebrate it full blast, just among family members, this Mummy was busy searching for the cakes and goody bags items to be sent to his nursery.

This year however we may also do the same as last year. But this time maybe with husband's family. Reason due to my sis-in-law is getting married two days after Nazif birthday, which definitely we'll have to go back to hubby's hometown for the preparation.

Since Nazif is allergic to eggs, I'm thinking to replace cake to jelly cake. I have been searching for halal jelly cake though. And I came across this QJelly Bakery Shop.

 One of the items that caught my eyes..Nazif surely love this!

Thus, I would like to know, does anybody here ever tried ordering this type of cake before? And from this shop?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Is What Makes Me Stayed Up Last Night..

Yeah, both of us almost never missed this series. And last night was the finale. The winner as expected was King David from my..he lost a total of 83 kg! More than half of his previous weight. But to me he looked very haggard and kinda sick..I prefer Carlo though..he looked very model-like..hehehe..

But not only the finalists showed remarkable weight loss. The others who have been eliminated earlier also looked really fantastic, Woo!

Oh how I wish I can get back to my teenage years weight..hahaha..but now its not the time yet. 

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lazy Bum

I have trying to upload pictures since yesterday, but failed. Tah ape masalah problemnya..

Thot of putting up Nazif's picture..hish..terus merudum mood nak menulis. Lately tahap kemalasan adalah pada tahap maksimum..Can I blame it on pregnancy hormones? Wakaka...

Oh I welcome any tips on how to motivate your child to brush their teeth. Lately with my sensitive nose, I can smell Nazif's mouth was a tad too smelly in the morning. I have tried using the baby toothbrush, but end up my finger being bitten. Then I bought him a toddler toothbrush and the latest I bought the Pureen tooth paste ..dgn harapan ada rasa strawberi, dia akan bukak mulut..but berjaya..

Then I read about Spiffies BabyToothWipes here. But then, did anybody knows where can I get it here?

Friday, March 05, 2010

I Finally Had It..

I finally had my taste of LEMPENG PISANG...hehehe..the one that I craved before.

And the best of all, it was made with love from none other than my dearest Mama!! Yeah! Oh definitely no picture because I ate them straight from the stove!!

Yesterday, mama and abah came all the way from Seremban to have lunch with this preggy lady. Oh I can't thank them enough!! There's no better medicine for my sickness than to have homemade cook from dearest Mama..we've been thriving with outside food for as long as I'm expecting..huhuhu..kesian my hubby and son.

Oh I really hope this nausea and smell sensitivity will end that I can start cooking again..:(

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I'm Certainly Behind My Target This Year

Its already Mac and guess what? I haven't finished even one single book to date. Bad bad me..I did read magazines though like Reader's Digest. But can that be counted?

So last week, since MPH made on offer for free delivery, I pun ambil kesempatan lah.. I hope I can finish this BEFORE my maternity leave..hahaha..

Oh that reminds me, there will be a Book Exhibition aka Pesta Buku this month. From years to years I have wanted to go but failed. I really hope I can make it this time.

Lagi-lagi Gastric..

I had sleepless night last night. One because of the frequent trips to the bathroom which is considered 'acara wajib'. The other one is due to some sort of hurricane in my stomach due to wind. I've tried all sorts of sleeping position and at last I fall asleep around 5 a.m. Anddd.. with that I declared myself a leave today...cause I need to catch up with my sleep...hehehe..well after I had my dose of internet first.

A call to my mom this morning made me realized that most probably the culprit was from the 'sambal cuka' that I ate yesterday with Nasi Kerabu. Gosh it was heaven when I was eating it yesterday, but a few hours later all of it has gone down the drain..I shoulda guess it..:(

So, I really really need extra careful when choosing food. Well that's what you have to do when the gastric is in your genetic. All my siblings had it, and of course my mom. That's why we never had vinegar in our kitchen because our stomach just can't stand it..

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Weekend That Was Hot..

Its already slow, yet so fast.

I'm having a week of training, thus maybe lack of updates.

Well, about weekend, what can I say, its hot, hot and hot.
On Saturday, I had a check up with my gynae. Though this is my second time experience, the image of this little one swimming in my tummy, gosh..its wordless!! And this was Nazif's first time too looking at his sibling, though I doubt he actually understand  it. Hehehe..when asked where's the baby, he kept pointing at himself..

In the afternoon, we went to wedding of abah's friend's daughter in Gombak. Then straight to Shah Alam to my sister's house. Had a small advance birthday for Mama that night.

Came Sunday, we had a plumber came for pipe repairing. What a day, cause we don't water supply until afternoon and with the hot weather, a shower or two is heaven I tell you!