Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm still in holiday mood although its already Tuesday..<> . Our short trip to Penang was an okay one...although the weather in Penang was quite hot..!

Managed to have a blast time especially during meal time! Hehehe..had service food , nasi kandar...etc..haven't weigh myself yet so far..but short of one thing..char keuy teow!!...tak sempat lorrr..emm..what else yah..ooh..yup..a visit to TOY MUSEUM..yess you heard me-->its hubby's idea..they have a large collection of toys from Barbie, Star Wars, LOTR, He-Man, Batman, Spiderman,Disney Movies, Ants, even Chucky and Freddie Kruger..etc..will post up pics later. Ohh yea..we even get lost in Penang..hilarious huh???

Then..headed to Kulim for a short visit to Tok & Tokwan's crib..again its hot! Definitely this El-Nino thingy is slowly taking place.. place to visit?? Any idea?..I was thinking someplace where where I shop till I drop..!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

First posting in 2007

Major event/happenings since i was in 'hibernation' mode:-

August 2006
Moved into our new pad in BBB.After much deliberations and money involved, hubby and me managed to somehow settled into our first home.Then, hubby left for Germany until Sept...for one whole month!

Some of the things captured at the new house

November 2006
Went for operation to remove endometriosis..MC for one whole month..olalala(not exactly olalala lah)..but then hubby left for Taiwan pulak..pack my bags and off to parents home in Seremban.

January 2007
Received a new member in the handsome little nephew..Muhammad Azeem Hariz..

Looking forward to a short trip with hubby to Penang this coming Thursday..yeay..