Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Perth Trip - Last Part

Today is our last day in Perth.

First agenda of the day, its the Western Australia  Museum. Its school holiday in Perth and they were having special theme for the children, DINOSAUR! The entrance fee was free, so of course we have to go!
This also marked the children's first time to the museum. In my opinion, it was great! It was definitely very child-friendly, Nazif and Naqib had lots of activities to do. Well except when it comes to the animal exhibition, both of them were scared looking at the real-sized animals.

Western Australia Museum
Next, we decided to go for a ferry ride! We took a ferry operated under Transperth to South Perth. The journey was about 15 mins. And as other public transport in Perth, the ferry was also child-friendly, they had special area for parents with youngs who usually brought stollers.

The Ferry Ride
At South Perth, we just let the children run freely at the park. It was noon by the time we took the ferry back to Perth CBD.

View from South Perth, breath taking!
By this time we were very very hungry! So it was a race to find to the halal eateries that we already planned to. We finally found Insan's Cafe, after going through back and forth along the Murray Street. Maybe due to low sugar we did'nt find it at first.
After lunch, we continued with more souvenir shopping and sight seeing along the Hay and Murray Street Mall area. Then took our last bus ride back to the hotel. That night we were busy with packing our luggage cause by at 3.a.m the Airport Connect Bus will fetch us to the airport.
And basically that's the end of our Perth story. Alhamdullilah we finally back, safe and sound in Malaysia on Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

He's TWO!

Alhamdulilah, on 3rd September 2012, Naqib Imran the cheeky boy of mine turns two years!


Truly your are the rainbow in our life! Mummy berdoa anak Mummy membesar sebagai anak yang soleh, diberi kesihatan yang baik, di anugerah budi pekerti yang terpuji dan minda yang cergas. Untuk menjadikan semua itu, first of all must come from Mummy and Daddy with the help of Allah Taala. And yes, we are proud to have you dear son in our life and we thank Allah for these great gifts.
The next major milestone now is to wean you off from BF. Its challenging no doubt but I hope this is the right decision I've made. Muga dipermudahkan, Amin.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Perth Trip Part 4

Continuation from my last post...which was way back in August.

On the fourth day, we started with King's Park before by sending off our rental car at Alamo Car Rental. We didn't stay long there as it was windy and cold! Had a stroll at the park and camwhoring!

Cam-whoring at King's Park

After that, we send off the rental car.
And from there we just crossed the street to Harbour Town Outlet! Its shopping time!

Harbour Town Outlet

Info: Most of the brands at the outlet are Australian brand which most of may not be very familiar of except for Pumpkin Patch and Cotton On. Bought the boys baju raya at Pumpkin Patch at very reasonable price. For lunch we had Ispa Kebab the halal food available at the outlet. And for solat,there's  a Prayer Room located in the Customer Service Office, complete with Wudhu' area.
Finishing off the day, we had leisure walk around Perth CBD ( with buses laa)..bought another round of Ispa Kebab because we were hungry again. The end of day 4.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Aidil Fitri 2012

Hope its not too late to post about this year's AidilFitri. Its still Syawal by the way, hehehe.

This year we celebrated at my turn's side in Seremban for the first day raya. We had quite a long raya holiday, cuti paksa by the memang puasla beraya.

Malam Raya- Firecrackers

And finally...

The only decent raya pictures of us.
I tell you, susahnya nak ambil gambar with both my sons this raya. Sorang ke sana sorang ke we just make do with whatever pose yg ada..hehehe..

Since masih Syawal ni, I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all..