Sunday, July 31, 2011

Of Being 33

On this 31st July..I'm officially..

Alhamdulillah, Syukran Ya Allah for giving me the chance to continue being in this life
Alhamdulillah for the rezeki bless upon me and my family
Alhamdullilah for the making me a Muslim, daughter, friends, wife and mother
Thank you

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kids Update

Memang Mummy dah takda masa sangat utk update blog dua tiga menjak ni..Workload yg bertimbun-timbun..tapi peliknya I'm secretly loving it..hahaha..macam ada satisfaction gitu. A lot of new things which are challenging..

Tapi kerja-kerja pun, anak-anak dan family tetap di hati..weekend memang masa utk mereka. Hari Sabtu, panggil maid cuci rumah, lepas tu jalan-jalan sekejap di Alamanda utk beli brg sikit. Hari Ahad, Daddy ada gotong-royong dengan jiran tetangga. Then tengahari pegi rumah adik di Shah Alam utk sesi ramah mesra anak-anak..hehehe..bagi Nazif main dgn kakak Alysa, Abg Azeem and adik Aisy..sementara Mummy, Daddy, adik dan Auntie pegi mencuci mata di GM Klang.

Pose skema..hehehe..amboi happy nya Nazif

So, balik tu, sebagai 'hadiah', belikan diorang sand art ni..This is Nazif's first with Daddy's help ini lah hasilnya...

Nazif's 1st Sand Art..harus capture utk masa depan..
And bila dah nampak camera tu..keluarla macam-macam pose budak-budak ni..

Azeem dan Nazif..may you grow to be best buddies
Pose wajib Nazif

My cheeky lil Naqib..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I 'm busy with....


And this...

Hehehe...another way of keeping myself stress free..and the best thing is, it's a joint play with dear hubby..macam real jek..hehe..

Oh actually we got another restaurant running..perghh..if only it's real!!

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I'm de-stressing myself for the moment..

Talking about stress huh...its on the news today about Malaysian women being in the 16th ranking in the world.

Basically its all about your priority in or family..basically everyone will say both. You need to work for the needs of your family and your family needs comes first. For me I have always keep this in mind..

When you die, a company can replace you anytime
But to your family, your lost can't be replaced..

This applies to those who 'makan gaji' like me...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random updates

What busy days I had for the past few days. I can't even find the time to update or even blog walking. Work has been pretty stressful. But thanks to my supportive colleagues, we tried to overcome it e.g. Through gym and Make chicken dance!,..what a bunch of crazy people hehe..

Alhamdullilah it was finally weekend!

And it has more than a week since Arwah Tok's passed away. Everyone was still adjusting to the fact that they will never see Tok again. It's been pretty hard too.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My connected toddler

I believed I have jot down before about Nazif's obsession with Ultraman. He can be really absorbed when watching Ultraman on Youtube, and with that I decided to 'wean off' his Ultraman video session, which he referred to as 'Ultraman gerak..'So only still images that I allowed him to see on the Ipad.

But, other that Ultraman he's allowed to watch it. So now he came to me and asked me to find dinosaurs video, which he refers to as dinosaur gerak-gerak..So, this mummy pun says long as it is not ultraman.

But you know what..he eventually got himself to ultraman video! Now when I got to think of it..I see the relation now

DINOSAUR --> RAKSASA MONSTER --> ULTRAMAN (because Ultraman always fight against the monster)

Now..who is smarter now??

I'm being conned!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Lost

Thursday, 11.44 pm was the day that our family lost our beloved grandma. She had peacefully left to meet her Creator surrounded by her husband and beloved children at Hospital Serdang. I have written in some of my previous posts, that she fell and broke her femur bone. And since then, her condition kept worsening.

But to me, that's the best path that Allah had paved for her. Had she survived, she would be bedridden until we don't know when. Her children was given the opportunity to take care of her until her last breath.And her final journey on this earth was escorted by all family members. I even got the opportunity to bathe her last bath. Her burial was accompanied by a perfect weather, in the Holy month of Syaaban and holy day of Friday. Alhamdullilah.

The sadness, of course is something that we all can't avoided. But all of us 'Redha' with her passing. This may be a bit harder for my grandfather, her life partner for more than 50 years. I pray that she will be blessed and be in the position among great syuhada'.

Al-Fatihah to my dearest Tok.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Kelahiran Yang Dinanti

Susah rupanya nak menang Ipad2 ni..

Tak pe..kiter try..kiter try..

Kalau diikutkan kelahiran ni memang boleh ditafsirkan dalam banyak konteks. Tapi bagi saya, memang tak nampak lain dah selain dari kelahiran anak-anak saya, yang pada saya sangat 'significant'. Memang tak nampak kreatif, tapi lebih kepada luahan jiwa dan perasaan saya.

Kepada yang pernah membaca blog saya,..(chewah..macam la ramai sangat)..mesti perasan ticker wedding anniversary dan ticker umur anak-anak saya..ada beza dalam lebih kurang 5 tahun di situ. Ya, kami suami isteri diuji oleh Allah Taa'la dengan kesusahan mendapat zuriat di awal perkahwinan. Sememangnya Allah Maha Mengetahui dan kami tahu memang ada hikmah di sebalik ujian ini.

Jika diingat kembali perjalanan dan usaha-usaha yang telah kami lalui memang kalau boleh saya dan suami tidak mahu mengalaminya kembali. Saya ada tuliskan kisah-kisah itu di sini. Tapi dengan lahirnya anak-anak saya sekarang, 5 tahun penantian itu bagaikan terhapus begitu sahaja. Dahulu, rumah kami sentiasa teratur, bersih dan sunyi. Tapi kini bertambah serinya dengan gajet dan permainan kanak-kanak, riuh dengan tangisan dan gelak tawa. My life is now complete.

Dahulu, berjalan berdua, berpegangan tangan
Kini jalan berempat, seorang anak di setiap tangan

Anugerah Terindah Mummy dan Daddy
Sesungguhnya kami berdua bersyukur dengan pemberian dari Allah ini.Amin.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Emergency Lane

I don't know about you all, but I 'honor' the name of this one lane--emergency lane.

Meaning, no matter how bad the traffic can be, I will never use this lane. That's why, I'm so pi55ed off with drivers who used this lane for their own sake. Especially to big vehicles like lorries, buses, cranes and etc. The lane is not that big and with those big vehicle they will tend to squeeze themselves and take up other drivers' lane. So uncivilized!!

And another thing, in my usual route, ambulance can be a common sight. And when the emergency lane was occupied, the ambulance had no way but to move very slowly. This has happened a few times, and we had to make our way for the ambulance to go through. (That thing too, ada org ambik kesempatan to follow the ambulance!!). Oh dear, what if someone's life was hanging by the thread and you are the cause of their death.

Pelikla kan..we Malaysian drivers when we go to other countries we can strictly be civilized but in our own land, not!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Naqib Turns 10 Months

Yesterday, Naqib turns 10 months! 2 months time my baby will be a toddler!

Mummy's boy
As of today, he already can crawl all on his fours, but he still prefer to do combat crawl when he wanted to move faster, i.e chasing Mummy to the kitchen, back and fro. And he also managed to pull himself up too and started to climb and stand!

He is very much a mummy's boy..hehehe..thus there is still the separation anxiety phase. Despite his small frame, Alhamdulilah he got one big appetite. He also babbles a lot, which is so cute!

Friday, July 01, 2011

The Black Kitty

Last two days, I ACCIDENTALLY ran over a kitten..huwaaaa...i felt guitly on the first degree...yg lebih sadis..I wasn't aware of it. Until my neighbor's maid came over and told me there's a dead kitten under my car, near the back tyre.! Seriously the garage was all clear when I parked our car.

And this morning, my son said ' Mummy macam cat mati'...uwaaa...the cat was black and I'm wearing black today..

And because of that, whenever I came across animal debris on the road, I kept thinking about that poor kitten. BTW, hubby had safely tanam the kitten. May its soul rest in peace..