Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #12

Nazif at his first Field Day last Sunday.

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Naqib Turns 20 Months

Fuh...fuh..its been errr..more than a month that I lacked on writing entries. Seriously its been a writer's block plus being extremely busy for the past months.

Ok, today is another monthly birthday for my sweet little boy. Altho Mummy really felt guilty in not updating your last month's birthday.

Now..i already started to get writers block....

Right, getting into 20th month, physically I can feel you getting are very good in jumping, running..these are all because you have your big brother as the 'guru'. You are now expert in climbing the staircase and semi expert in coming down cause you if on your own you will sit on the staircase while coming down. Truthfully, both of you and your brother now are really testing my physical fitness especially went all of us went out on outing.

On speechwise you already started counting 1,2,5,10..well those are the sounds that I can capture. There are some words, like tumpah, tekan, elephant, daddy, abai(abang).. but sadly no MUMMY! How can you do this Naqib?

Socially he does not warmed up to strangers easily. And he really has this soft spot towards my father. He would be like so devastatingly manja and up to the point of berebut his tok abah with his cousin Aisy..

ok dear, i think thats all i can write for you.

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