Friday, May 23, 2008

The Photoshoot

Only a few shots from the photoshoot..
Taken at Cyberjaya Community Lake Club.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Growing up Meals..

Just to add some of the menus that have been posted by lyd and dura,

Breakfast :
Mostly agreed with Dura..bread with butter/kaya/scrambled eggs..and oily mee goreng.
Do F1 still served like what we did before?
(I can still remember we used to cilok piring from other tables earrrlyy in the morning)..

Morning and Tea break:
Air sirap/Tea with biskut kosong

Ikan Jaket Goreng with sayur labu masak lemak and sambal belacan. Among my favourite hahaha..and of course telur dinosour/alien masak sambal or kurma.

Forgettable..only that its chicken night on Friday..and don't forget the baju rasmi and high table.

We used to get KFC snack plate aren't we? Don't know what's the occasion but I think it was more than once...

That's all I can think about now..any recap girls?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mak Buyung

Yeah I'm still the mak buyung..already in 35 weeks..hehehe..and feeling so huge..!
Hubby always teases me "Awas..kenderaan berat di laluan kiri shj" sabar je lah..
Sometimes I feel like a peguin with the way I walked now!

Went for a pregnancy photoshoot last Monday. I will post up the pic when its ready, if I'm not yet in labor.

Preparation wise, well about 90% completed. Have some of the baby stuffs already sent to Seremban 2. I will be having my confinement at my parents' home there. Hospital bags already packed and ready. Still unbelievable I'm approaching the-D in a few weeks time..