Monday, May 31, 2010

A Very Quiet Day

It looks like most of my colleague were on extended leave..thus the office has been extra quiet today..humm...boring!

The long weekend has been full of activities. Scouting for new auto gate, went for choc warehouse ( which was just around the house, rugi kalo tak pegi..hehehe) and then went back to hubby's hometown.

Arrrgg..penat tak habis lagi...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tensi tau!

*Ini entry rasa marah*

Kenapa byk sangat soalan bila nak minta pegi training yang setahun sekali jer?
Tapi kalo tak pegi training, KPI tak achieve pulak.

Dah kita yg bersusah payah carik quotation, tak terima pulak, nak suruh mintak lagi murah. Malu muka mak ni oiiii!!!
Kalo macam tu, org yg bertanggungjawap lah sila tolong carik yang lagi murah boleh?

Harga tu mmg dalam budget project la! Berapa sangatla harganya!

Dah..I malas dah nak pikir..

Nasib baik esok cuti..nak berhuhahaha dgn family lagi bagus. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Latest Reads : Inspector Singh Investigates

After quite a long time, I finally managed to finish one book yesterday..its this book..

Book Cover from Google
The synopsis:
Inspector Singh is in a bad mood. He's been sent from his home in Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to solve a murder that has him stumped. Chelsea Liew - the famous Singaporean model - is on death row for the murder of her ex-husband. She swears she didn't do it, he thinks she didn't do it, but no matter how hard he tries to get to the bottom of things, he still arrives back at the same place - that Chelsea's husband was shot at point blank range, and that Chelsea had the best motivation to pull the trigger: he was taking her kids away from her. Now Inspector Singh must pull out all the stops to crack a crime that could potentially free a beautiful and innocent woman and reunite a mother with her children. There's just one problem - the Malaysian police refuse to play ball...

My verdict:
This is is my first book from this author. I would say it was very well written. Interesting and satisfying enough that I finished this book in just two days! I may be on the lookout for the next book in the series!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Big Brother

My boy can be very sweet at a time.

Last night, while I'm reading him his Barney book, I also fed him some raisins. As usual, he would also fed me, hehe..

After a while I was feeling quite full ( I just had my dinner..). So when he wanted to feed me, I eventually said, no, Mummy tak nak..

But then he said..Mummy,...while patting my tummy, Baby..( telling me that the baby wants to eat)..Aiyoyo..terpaksala Mummy makan..:)

He's getting better at playing his big brother role, oh he got to practice that last week with Baby Aisy. He would kiss the baby's head, ever softly as we directed, and only touched the baby's hand or feet very gently.

PS : As of last week's check-up, the baby still refused to show the part..suspense, suspense. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How Do You Take Your Pills?

Ni I nak tanya, macam mana korang semua makan ubat yer? Sebab lain org lain caranya..

Setakat ni berjaya identify 4 cara:

Makan pil satu persatu, maksudnya telan satu pil, minum seteguk air, telan pil, minum seteguk air..dan seterusnya..kalo ada sepuluh jenis, ulangla 10 kali.

Kumpul semua pil, telan sekali harung, lepas tu minum air.

Ni antara yg sempoi..telan pil satu persatu, tanpa air langsung.

Cara ni mmg paling hebatla..telan byk-byk pil sekali, tak minum air langsung.

Jadi, dalam byk2 tu, saya termasuk golongan yg pertama tu yer..mmg slow mo lah..tak kira lah kecil mana pun pil tu, mmg dia takkan masuk dgn pil2 yg lain..tetap saya makan satu persatu..hehehe..

Haaa..silala beri komen yer..I nak le tau jugak korang ni jenis makan ubat mcm mana..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

23 Months Young

Last Monday, my boy turns 23 months! Another one month, then he'll be two!! Oh I certainly hope, we could bypass the terrible two stage, or did we already in that stage? Hummm....

  • He can now sometimes speak in 4 words sentences. Mummy, nak pi bakang (belakang), or Daddy, minum ni pulak.. 
  • He still afraid of a barber, or anything to do with haircut..we kept persuading him , let Daddy cut his hair, but no..he would scream and cried! So rambut dah panjang gila skrg nih.. 
  • Oh, he certainly can throw tantrums and be very2 hard headed..If he refused to something, he kept saying Nanak and sometimes to the extend of thumping his feet, can you believe it? This terribly tested our patience, I tell you..that's why I thought he's already started his 'Terrible Two' Stage..
  • He can operate the dvd and change the TV setting to DVD mode by there we have Barney and Barney..all over..letihs mak!
  • Potty training? Not yet..the Mummy's not ready, hahaha..well he could tell when he's having the big business, he kept playing with his diaper straps or sometimes refused to wear them..I know I know that's some of the sign..but I'll give him sometime, maybe duirng my confinement I can start to fully train him.But still I'm in no rush. 

Oh time really flies, aren't they? Sometimes I wish I could just freeze the time especially during this 12-24 months time, because these time by baby truly grows up!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Air Batu Campur

A lot of things happened since last day i blogged. It felt like ions ago..

Nazif had a fever plus coughing last Thursday. His fever recovered but the coughing part still continues. Last night had a round of nebulizer at the clinic.

Friday to Saturday,  I had to be on duty for exhibition at KL Convention Center.
 Sunday, attended the wedding of one of house buddies uni time. She's the last one among us, so definitely had to attend! Also this is our first time to leave Nazif with my aunty. Fortunately he behaved very well..we were actually so worried before.

Congratulations to the newly wed! Ops..salah date la plak

Monday, Nazif turns 23 months!! Wow another one month my boy is turning TWO!!

On the other note, this morning received another good news. Its another rezeki, Alhamdulillah. Bak org kata rezeki anak..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Very Fishy Day

We had a blast at Aquaria KLCC last Monday. Actually it was hubby's birthday, so it was some kind of celebration too..This is our first time by the way..sib baik ade anak, kalo tak mmg tak jejak le tempat nih..hehe..

We were among the earliest too..hehehe..semangat oh..we had to wait for about 15 minutes before they opened.So, we take-take picture first laaa...

The first thing that we saw was the red belly piranhas..the meat eater creatures. They had this contest for visitor, to guess how much time those fishes could clear up their meal. And yeah, I won! 

Then, proceed to other areas. By this time Nazif no longer sat on his stroller..huhu..larik sana, larik sini..but one thing for sure,he's quite afraid of those big-big lah selama ni tgk ikan dlm aquarium kecik sajer..culture shock gitu.

The best part was of course in the tunnel..hehe..we got sharks and stingrays over our head..yeah baby! Mermaid? Nope we don't see them! Right after the tunnel we managed to catch up with feeding session from the two divers. UNFORTUNATELY, Nazif was very very scared ! He even closed his eyes ( nasib baik tak jerit jerit) and said..Abang takut!! Kesian anak Mummy!!

After all the sight seeing and chasing, we had a hearty meal at Manhattan Fish market..yeah fish..that's why a fishy day indeed..

Before we headed back, had a pit stop at Parkson for the birthday boy's gift..Happy Birthday dear..wish to have more birthdays with you!

The End..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hi! I'm back..Do you miss me?

Mummy was not very well nowadays, but she's recovering now. Her tummy hurt a lot. By the way I hope its not too late to wish all Mummies in the world


By the way, yesterday daddy and mummy brought me Aquaria,KLCC. Mummy will put up the ppwetty pwetty fishes that we saw yesterday, later!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Third Time In A Row

I've been attacked with gastric since I'm pregnant this time.

Adoilaaa..its painful! And this time its the worst! I mean the pain. Minum air pun dah mengundang sakit perut. How mehh...please don't tell me its pembawakan budak..huhuhu..

ps: I'm so bored of my current blog layout. Tapi..tapi..malasnya nak tukar..! 

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hi There!

Presenting ...
Muhammad Aisy Hakimi

After long process of voting, the name has been chosen.

Sori le gambo x dpt nak format. I m writing from phone today.