Friday, October 30, 2009

Killing Two Birds with a Stone..

Hehe..literally speaking. I've just stumbled upon the tutorial given by miss Viruspadu regarding updating the blog entry to FB. So at least my FB will be updated regularly..hehe..I'm not really addicted to FB, YET and do not plan to indulge it myself. I do have an account, YES...but I hardly updated. So far the activities in the FB were strictly adding friends, write some comments on the wall and put up a few pictures (which was 5 months ago..bummer!)

So tonite luckily Nazif was off to lalaland early.(without me).so Mummy had the pleasure to browse FB..huuhu..I am so way behind this Social Networking Twitter yet..entah bila mao I'll just stick with this blog for the moment..

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

On the Latest Editor

Only got to know about the editor from Apapajer. Hehe..Still playing around with this..
Okla I'm missing this little fella now..

Oh regarding the bite marks, Alhamdullilah it has gone.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kesian Anak Mummy!!

My poor baby has been bitten by other children at the nursery..huhuhuhu...

See the red marks? Kesian kan? This is not his first time, its already his second time. So, who's to blame? The child that made this? Anak orang weiii...The care givers? Well partially on them lah..they should monitor the children right..I know this is the risk of sending my son to the nursery..well it could happen any where right? Even at your own home and among the siblings.

My huggable and manja baby..Mummy loves you so much dear. At times I felt like staying at home and just take care of you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Twilight Saga...

At last, I've been able to finish the Twilight Saga series last week..altho its just through e-book, but what the heck..habis sudah! I like! I like! No wonder most of us are head over heels with Edward Cullen..he's TDF! Hehehe..mmg kena mati pun Bella tuh br sepadan ngan Edward..kui..kui..

So any reviews from me? Nah...there's a lot in the net already. As for among the four books, I like the first and the last one most..its just my opinion tho. And truthfully I like Bella better after she became an immortal..if not I really hate her. She had a very low self esteem and tak pikir panjang punya minah..

Ok, don't forget to catch the new movie, New Moon coming this November..(hahaha..yoyo jer..) Well the truth, I have not watch the Twilight movie yet...

Monday, October 26, 2009

I WON!!!

The Get Boobies contest for Monday 19th!!

Got this email today

Good day to you!

You have been chosen to be the winner by the Mad Hatter =)

No idea what we’re talking about?


Remember the “GOT BOOBIES” blogging contest? *wink


You are officially the winner for Monday(19th October)

You’ve won yourself a pursehook! *Applause

Yeah!!!..Altho its just a small token,well that something isn't it???

Friday, October 23, 2009


Its so mandom when it comes to Friday..what's new huh?

By the way today is my sister's birthday, Happy Birthday dear Sister...tgk tu, wish pun macam tak cukup makan jer...

Maybe tak cukup oksigen...breathe..breathe...

Gosh, I better stop now before I myself puke on my writing today. By the way, did you realized theres something wrong with blogspot?..I kept on getting error when I'm trying to open other blogs with blogspot extension.

Dah..dah..kata tadi nak termuntah..see..the green color already...

I think I'm in need of retail therapy..$$$$

Btw..(aik..ada lagi)..does anyone know if there's a laundry place for handbags?? My C***hes (wah..mcm byk) is in dire need of make up and cuci..I mean instead of sending to the boutique itself? Selalu brp yer kena charge?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Toddler's Sex Education right sex education should start early right? I know in our community S-E-X is still considered taboo..something that should not be discussed in open.

I can't recalled how my Mama used to educate me about sex education, I think I learned more when we were in secondary school. Tingkatan 3 , BAB 1 ..hehehe..

And yesterday, I received an email from BabyCenter.Com - Teaching your toddler about private parts. It certainly brings 'lampu' 'lampu' at my head..yess..that's something I should start to be concerned now. Looking at Nazif that is usually extra happy when we got his diaper off, running every where and looking pleased by showing off his private part..we have to teach him the right manner, kan. Now he's showing off, and we usually responded with..'Eiii..malu la Nazif nampak bird..'.later on he may started to ask me or his we better get ready with appropriate answer..

Okay now from the article..

As parents, we can get anxious when children ask about anything remotely sexual. But your child's curiosity about genitals is no different than her questions about eyes, ears, feet, noses, and other less private parts. And genitals are pretty interesting, as body parts go. Her questions are only natural — after all, she has to learn about private parts from someone, and it's best for that someone to be you.

How should you respond? Be direct, and stay matter-of-fact. Follow the rule of thumb: "Is this how I would tell her about elbows or knees?" Give her the anatomically correct name for the body part ("vagina," "penis") and avoid baby talk — using funny or silly words will just confuse her and, if anything, makes the discussion a bigger deal. If she asks what they're for, you can say that genitals are for going to the bathroom. If you feel comfortable mentioning that they're also used for making babies, that's okay, too. She may not get it, but a child this age has no understanding of sex and won't make that connection.

So, we should start by calling the right name for that private part, got it Mr Daddy?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boobies Monster!

I`m at home today. Nazif had a mild fever this morning n I dont have the heart to send him to the nursery.

Ok i m off to be the milk maid. My master dah demand teknya.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1Malaysia Song kah? And Yeay another Public Holiday !

Wow..another public holiday next year huh? Hari Malaysia on 16 September.

By the way..

I've heard this song quite a number of time before but I couldn't really recognized the singer or the singers..until the DJ announced the song was performed by these three singers, Jaclyn Victor, Dato Sheila and Karen Kong..which coincidently represent the three main races..thus alala 1Malaysia gitu lah kan..

Lirik Lagu Cinta Ada - Karen Kong, Sheila Majid, Jaclyn Victor

Andai aku buta kan mata
Dapatkah kau mendengarkan jujurnya
Andai engkau tutup telinga
Dapatkah kau melihat keikhlasannya

Aku cinta bukan dibayang mata
Jauh dari bahasa
Dekatkan ertinya
Aku cinta bukannya disengaja
Jauh dari wasangka
Dekatkan hatinya
Memang cinta ada dalam jiwa kita

Andainya cinta itu buta
Dapatkah kau mengubah pesonanya
Andai mengalir air mata
Dapatkah kau membezakan jelingnya

Oh mengapa ada saksi yang tak memahami
Oh mengapa ada saksi yang disalah erti
Oh aku cinta
Oh jauh dari bahasa

Ulang korus

Memang cinta ada dalam jiwa kita…

Monday, October 19, 2009

16 Months Young

On Saturday, Nazif turned 16 Months! words could describe how our life has been changing since this little boy came to this world. Day by day, there's always something new that could be picked up by Nazif. When he wants something, there's always 'Nak, nak'...'nak air', 'nak tu', 'nak nen'.

Apart from cat, bird he now can recognize duck, cow. Whenever he saw people with songkok or cap he would immediate say 'Allahuakbar'..hehehe..

One funny thing, when we say, 'Nazif, buat jln wakil rakyat melawat kawasan', he would put his hand at the back and walk like YB..hahaha..this thing I have not captured it yet on the video..

Apart from that, he certainly has developed his own personality and traits. When he cannot get what he wants, its the rolling and crying part and also screaming!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm not a Superwoman

(Current song playing...)

My not so little baby will be 16 Months tomorrow!

And tomorrow is Deepavali Day..Happy Dewali! Also enjoy the last weekends of Syawal.

On writer's block at the moment..

--My mind currently stuck with Breaking Dawn book---

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Got Boobies?

Please, please don't think anything 'blue' with the title..hehehe..think PINK.

Its October and ignorant me just find out that its Pink Ribbon Month which we all associated with breast cancer awareness. This campaign encouraged and reminded us especially ME on why we should regularly check our precious boobies.

Regarding this self check breast examination or the simple term BSE, I've got a story to tell. It showed how important this simple check up. It is through this BSE that I found a small lump on my left breast.

I was just turning 21 at that time. At first I was simply trying around with the technique when my hand suddenly came across the lump. I was like, is this my rib bone ?(iyolah tuh..heheh) , and then I checked my right one, and there's no lump. After a few rounds of checking , the lump was still there and its time to PANIC!

I immediately went to clinic and then the doctor referred me to Prof Yip of PPUM. I still remember, it was Wednesday and they called it as Breast Clinic Day. So anyone with breast problem will see the doctor this day. And to tell you the truth, there were a lot of patients! You can't imagine the horror I felt at that time..Please don't let this thing be serious!

After such a long wait I finally got to see the doctor. She checked and confirmed the lump. (It was painful the way she pressed and 'gomol' the lump..and I can't stop crying). The lump can potentially got bigger and so she scheduled me for a minor operation. She convinced me it was not cancerous from the physical examination of the lump.

Alhamdullilah, I had safely gone through the minor operation which in total took just 20 minutes. Till date, there's no more lump..I must continuously do the BSE because this lump could reoccur you see.

How you can do the BSE?
Try googling the BSE and definitely there's plenty of it..hehehe..

So, ladies and mummies out there, let's give support to each other and also to for this good cause. Do check out the Got Boobies poster.Isn't it cute?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nazif nak pegi School??

My baby who looks all grown up with his new backpack..ececece..control hensem nmpk..

One day while he was playing with his flash card, I saw him took one card and rub it on his head..

Guess what picture he's holding?

Hehe..its a comb! Lawak la hang nih!

And another word that he can speak now is Tantek..which means cantik.!. (Merasalah..tiap2 hari ada Mummy kena puji..)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is what happens when..

You are fasting other than Ramadhan month,
Even this look YUMMY!! (Gosh I'm drooling..and its not even afternoon yet!)
Nougat !

This is my third day, hopefully I can make it till the sixth day..Dah nak abis Syawal baru kelam kabut nak puasa.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Terkenang Semasa Dulu...

For those preggy moms, please visit this website! I've had mine during Nazif's time and I love looking back at the photos now.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


I got this SMS a few days back.

RM 0.00 Nak dapatkan koleksi video dan foto "projek awek dlm kereta" kpd handset? Tekan REG FUN dan sms ke 33883, dptkan koleksi menarik ni! 0380615556
See the bold part? Mcm p*rn* la plak kan. 'FUN' yer..ish..ish..ish..

Wishing Well Programme

In the midst of Syawal month, where we were happily counting calories that goes into our tummy, there are still some lives that are counting their days in this world.

I stumbled upon this blog while bloghopping, and for the life of me, I can't stop crying when I read those entries about children with critical illness.

So, I would like to remind myself to be thankful for all the health that has been bestowed to me and family. The small illnesses that we got were nothing if compared to these children.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What's Your Beauty Regime?

For me, as usual cleansing, toning and moisturizing..cukupla..

So far Alhamdulillah I was blessed with good skin..altho I've got a combination type of skin. I rarely got pimples breakouts, And my beauty products so far only came from the local drugstores like Guardian or Watson. And most of them are mix and match products and I don't really stick to one type of brand for cleansing and toning. It could be from Olay, Loreal, Nano White, Simple etcetera..but for moisturizing I've been a loyal customer of Olay.

Since turning into 30's I've been thinking of changing the type of beauty products. Tiba-tiba rasa nak pakai yg set2 gitu, boleh?

The last time when I bought my perfume (Dior Addict II), the SA had given me some sample of CD skin care..I've tried using it, and i think its GREAT!. The way she approached me adalah sgt genius:

SA : Kakak, pakai mekap jenis ape?
Me: Aaa..I tak mekap la..pakai bedak je.
SA: Wah, your skin very nice lah, kan..betul tak kak? --Ada plak sorang kakak lain dok tgk2 muka ku..
Kakak Lain : Ye lah..mmg betul..kulit you cantik..
SA: Mehla I kasik you try sample skin care nih..
Me : Aaaa..(blur.blur..) ok..Eh i tak mo beli tau..I nak beli perfume je..
Oh..I was totally flattered..floating bla..bla.mcm masuk lift tekan sendiri..

Ok..back to the main story..about the beauty product..

Its OK. Cuma mahal je lah kan..hehe but if its value for money, why not?

So I'm thinking of scouting another brand too..if you have experience in using other international or even local brands please leave your comments ok?

Monday, October 05, 2009

Cranky, Whining , Crying and the Likes of Nazif Irfan boy nowadays has all the said behavior above.

His behavior certainly tested our patience. Hehe...

If we failed to fulfill his demands, he would get down, rolled on the floor and turned around. Yg best tu, landing baik punya..siap letak kepala slow-slow.

Hai la anak!

Friday, October 02, 2009


Or in our Malay term it is called Kudis.

And my son have it! Uwaaa..stress aaa this Mummy. I think this is lanjutan from the mosquite bite that he got during Raya.

He's known to have eczema on his the mosquite bite him..and he started scratching like kruk krak kruk krak...until it bleds. Then after the bleeding stopped, the crusted thing appear lah right..and he scratched again..again and again..we even resorted to put handyplast to stop him from scratching but to no avail. And the one(S) that Nazif had was similar to this picture.

Picture from Google Image

Yesterday, met with a pediatrician and its confirmed it is it had melebarkan jangkitan to his face and head area..Pity him..

To know more about Impetigo, you can find it here at

Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Story of Getting Pregnant - Part 9

What..this story again? Hahaha...sabare..sabare..

Yes, this will be my final last! But bear with will be a long entry!

Okeh..back from Umrah..we came back from umrah early of July and I got my period on our last day there..

Came August..jeng..jeng..jeng..

My period which was supposed to come has passed the due week..
At this time, I was in between should I do the pregnancy test or not? Okla..we did.


Then, another week gone by. Still my period did not come. Again checked. NEGATIVE.
At this point I was in mixed feelings..pregnant ke tak nih? So I decided to go to my gynae to check..

It turned out I got a small tiny weeny watery cyst in my ovary. This has caused haywire to my ovulation process, thus the late period. But the Dr. was not alarmed..he said the cyst will eventually disappear by itself and only then I'll got my period..something like that lah.

At that time I was like..Hancur, Luluh Harapan, Pasrah..Lantakla Apa Nak Jadi dah lepas nih. The Dr suggested for us to do the IUI since I'm still not pregnant and my one year period after operation will be expired. I was like OKla Dr..I'll just do it lah whatever..but he said let's do after Raya since Ramadan is approaching.

'Mana tau berkat bulan Ramadan, lepas ni adalah ' the Dr said.
Ok..we were sent back with some dose of clomid for prepare my body and a few instructions that we need to abide for the IUI process. He also prescribed us with Habbatus Sauda pills.

And my period finally came after it was three weeks from the due date. And Ramadan came and went.

This time I expected my period to come a week after raya. This time, just like last month I was late. ONE WEEK, TWO WEEKS and THREE WEEKS..I was thinking..this must be like last month. So I never once did the pregnancy test. In my heart I'm not expecting anything, this must be the cyst again. I just redha and pasrah. Moreover, I don't have any symptoms. Just the late period and tingling boobies just like whenever I'm due for period.

Then one day that makes me change my mind about having the pregnancy test was when my niece was down with hair lice. Since we were in close contact, I decided to shampoo my hair with anti-lice syampoo too. Only then my mom reminded me..

Pi lah check dulu. Mana tau pregnant. Ubat tu orang mengandung tak boleh pakai.
Humm..motherly instinct huh? Ok..this good daughter follow her mother's advice. this time around, my hubby was far away in US for two I was alone..Went to pharmacy and bought a test. I'll do this in the morning.

Came morning..I woke up for Subuh prayer..and decided to do the test then and there. And..after a few seconds..the test showed TWO LINES...what? Biar betul..hati time ni dah berdebar..berdebar..rasa nak pitam pun yer..Quickly settled myself and this time only one thing that I could think about..I need to tell my hubby!! Dan..dan tu jugak telepon..tak pk dah pasal roaming charges..

After telling my hubby and I'm still not convinced, I decided to do another test after a few days..and yes! The TWO LINES that I have been waiting remains TWO LINES...


The End.

Crayola Stationary..

I was searching high and low (virtually hehehe) for crayola brand stationary. I found one on the LilCaliph web..but its marker pen. I would prefer crayons instead..

Does anyone here know where I can find it? Any shops ? The worst case, I'll just buy the marker lah..