Monday, February 27, 2012

Remember This

Well, this space of mine really really silent. Looks like only one entry per week aja..well to tell the truth my lazy bone disease has reached to the utmost merudum ke bawah..

One, I don't have many interesting topics..well my kids are interesting topic to last2 jadik topic anak2 jugakla..

 Ok this one is for me to remember and others too

"Buat kawan-kawan semua.... Antara perkara yang kita boleh jadikan pengajaran dari kisah Allahyarham Faris Nur Daniel...

1. Bila anak merengek bangun malam, janganlah marah dia. Jangan merungut kenapalah kena bangun malammmmm.. mengantuk.. etc... That might be the last night that he/she does that.
2. Bila anak mintak mainan atau sesuatu kalau mampu, kita cubalah berikan. That might be the last night that he/she ask for something.
3. Bila anak nak susu, berikan dgn penuh kasih sayang... That might be the last day that he/she drinks it. Sama ada susu ibu atau susu formula, dua dua sama je. Pemberian dari ibu/ayah kpd anak.
4. Bila anak buas dan nakal, sabarlah. That might be the last day that we can see him/her being active.
5. Bila suapkan anak makan, suaplah dgn penuh kasih sayang... That might be the last food that he/she eats.

Bottom line is......Hargailah masa anda bersama anak-anak...Kita tak tau bila kita atau dia yang akan "pergi" dulu. "

That's right, we as Mummy sometimes take for granted of our children. Anak-anak merengek , being clingy is actually their ways of communicating with us, they need our attention. But sometimes being human, I felt this as 'burden'. Astaghfirullah..sungguh tak bersyukur rasanya diri ini..Now I tried being positive as much as I could. Anak-anak sepahkan barang mainan..Alhamdulilah they have toys to play with, anak-anak buas lompat sana sini, Alhamdulillah dikurniakan mereka kesihatan dan minda yang cergas..So in short I tried to look everything in positive ways.

Monday, February 20, 2012


One of my favourite childhood play would be playing pondok-pondok. And now my children loves playing it too..

Asal-asal, I just made the pondok/khemas the old fashioned way, using bedsheet!

Haa..hebat khemah ni, siap ada extension ke dining table..boleh baca ABC sekali..

Latest, we bought them the play tent..carik hok paling murah...

Hi! Welcome to my 'house'..

Tuan rumah sedang beristirehat...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Its Monday again! Haih..sekejap je rasa weekend..Yang Nazif asyik tanya,

Hari ni cuti ke Mummy?

Alhamdulilah this morning, he woke up well. Meaning no crying drama. I made his bekal today and Daddy said he didn't cry when he arrived at his kindy this morning..Lega Mummy!

So, what we did during the weekend? As usual, Mummy did the domestic thingy around the house with help from Daddy. Then in the afternoon Daddy ajak gi Empire Shopping Mall. Hajat utama nak carik play tent for the kids. So, dapatla..then since Subang and Shah Alam are near, we visited my sister Ayni. Looks like Abang Azeem has recovered from his chicken pox.

Then on Sunday, Mummy continued with cleaning around the house. Set up the tent, wahhh..the kids love it! Daddy siap letak toto inside the tent. Then Nazif had Abg Amar, our neighbors's son to play together.

Then petang2..the boys had their haircut, Daddy included. This is Naqib first time at the Mamak's shop. Definitely must be recorded! Now all the boys had theirs, so next week Mummy punya turn plak.

So, itula update setelah sekian lama.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Naqib Turns 17 Months

Today is Naqib monthly birthday where he's  now 17 months young!

The most significant development for him is his speech development. He's more vocal aka scream, and increased vocabulary.

Tek - Mummy's ehem ehem..
Tar - Car
Dah - Dah habis, finish
Barddd- Bird

Senang citer, he's 'ringan mulut', when we say some words, he would follow.

Other than that, he still maintains his appetite, his clingy-ness, his cheekiness and everything. Compared to Nazif, I think he's much focused and independent when comes to playing at this age.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #10

Our last weekend activity...

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