Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Itching...Part Two

I have somehow cured my online shopping!

Olalala..can't wait for the parcels to arrive,hopefully by today.
Both ..did I say both..hehehe..I bought two things for me self..not for the baby.
One is for tax exemption, so of course the parcel going to be from here.
Another one is for my comfy during walking..from here.

Can't wait..can't wait..can't wait...

On another note, we are going to the island of red eagle this coming Sunday.
This will be Nazif's first holiday trip and his first plane ride. You are so lucky Nazif..altho you won't actually understand what is plane yet, but Mommy is excited!

But Mommy has not packed yet!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Last night marks another major milestone for Nazif, we tried solids on him!

And he ate for abt 1.5 teaspoon..can lah..hehehe..should have captured him on camera when he first tried the rice plus milk porridge to him..he made such a funny face.

I thought of waiting until he's 6 months, but lately he's been consuming a lot of milk and always excited when he saw us eating. So I guess that's it..Nazif is ready! Mommy is now very motivated to try different baby food.

More baby food recipes on this site.

By the way, has anybody tried using this grinder and baby food feeder (from Munchkin)? Does it really helpful?

Friday, November 21, 2008

5 Months 'Young'

Nazif is now 5 months! And what a way to celebrate it, it was 4-days and 3-nights stays at Pantai Medical Center! baby was admitted for acute bronchitis..pity mommy had to stay with him..and now he's recovering..still got a little bit more of phlegm and coughing. I can still remember his cries during the chest physio was heart-wrenching! I bet those mummies that had gone through this scenario can imagine how it is. But other than that, Nazif is a darling little boy that woos every nurses at the D5 ward (adult ward, children's ward are full) with his charming smile and gelak mengekek..

Okay, as for his 5 months development, Nazif now weigh 6.75 kg! Si boolat yg chubby! He can now roll over back n forth and sometimes move in reverse mode. Every thing that he can grasp on will move to his mouth..He really loves his Messy Dressy book, he can stop crying when mummy starts to read to him..Ahh..he started bouncing and jumping now and then..a sturdy leh this fella got one..What else?

I'll update later..hehehe..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Itching...

To go shopping!

But payday is still yearssss away..not that my account already nil, but one has to save for rainy days, kan.

If online shopping can ah???..I've read somewhere that people would tend to shop unnecessarily if the objects of their affections can be touched and wonder I kept holding back my online shopping items ..hahaha..because they are untouchable! Only can be seen, thus its not as effective as the real shopping..

I need good books...anyone can recommend me good titles?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This time by Nina, since I'm also in the blogroll plus I needed something to occupy my mind in order to forget here are the

7 Facts about me

1) I love shopping, (who doesn't?), be it window shopping, the real shopping and now its online shopping..but I don't like going shopping when there's sale such as member's sale..I hate the crowd! I used to go to member's sale and ended up not buying anything or buying the non-sale items. Such a waste wasn't it? And now with the online is such a breeze!

2) I am such a cry baby or I might say I'm a softie..hehehe.. I can easily cried while watching movies ( I cried watching My Best Friend's Wedding), reading sad book or even reading sad blog entry. I cried when I heard my baby's first short I cried when I'm sad or trully2 happy!

3) I only have one credit card, and usually I paid in full after each transaction that I made..there's no way for the bank to collect their interest..hahaha..

4) I have undergone three operations so far ; remove lump from left b*** when I was 21, remove cyst when I was 26 and the latest is the c-sect when I delivered Nazif..

5) My idea of de-stress would be lying in bed with a good book.

6) I hate thriller movies and series. I can never watch film like Ju-on, the Eyes and all its relative. And series like Kekasih ku Seru, and what nots. If I happen to switch to channel that's showing these I would be like.."Cepat..tukar channel!!" And sometimes the remote would not cooperate with me!

7) I have another 4kgs to shed to return to my pre-pregnancy weight..its so hard I tell you! Luckily I only gained 11 kg (Lucky huh?) throughout the pregnancy..

Wow..that's it. I managed at last ..thought it would be so hard.

I would like to tag those who haven't done this yet.