Thursday, August 26, 2010

Its Going To Be Another Long Weekend

Tomorrow is Nuzul Quran and next Tuesday is Merdeka Day, which means, more holiday!! Yippe yay..just to make sure that I can continue to be on hols straight until Merdeka, I have applied holiday on Monday..

Looks like Ramadan is fast leaving us.It already passed half of the month. I'm thankful so far for being able to fast as usual. However I got tired easily now, and its getting painful in my pelvic area every time I need to switch position. And false contraction too keep coming now and then.

How about the big brother Nazif? Humm..macam tau2 je masa bermanja seorang diri dah hampir ke penghujung..So clingy, sometimes he's so stubborn e.g refused to basuh his poo until he fall asleep with poo, sometimes he can be so sweet, ..he is so into Upin and Ipin now..mak dah boleh hafal you script diorang..and him too..oh and many more.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Happy Day!

 I finally received the much awaited pictures from our last photoshoot from

Oh..oh..I love them all to bits!! I just can't make up my mind on which pictures to upload here..for there are about 300+..hehe..and I had to resize them before putting them here.
Hi yeee..I'm Nazif!!
My lovely enemy, my Mummy!!
I can now blow bubbles!
Follow me! Muka comel!
I've just love reading this book..
More muka comel!
Me and my cheeky face
Daddy's boy

My little brother is in there!

 The End.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I've got a long weekend if I considered my MC from last Thursday.

Quite a number of things that have been accomplished in my wishlist:

1. Hubby had successfully installed the drawer for the baby. And rearrange the furniture in the downstairs room.    If, there's a time, I would like to buy new carpet and curtain..sempat ke?
2. Managed to clean and cut our backyard grass. By outsourcing!
3. I finally bought my confinement set, which at last I remain true to NR. And also minyak telon for the baby and krim halia for mummy.
4. Bought raya shoes for Nazif.
5. Finished another story book, Princess by Jean Sasson.

On Saturday, we had iftar at aunt's house! Yeay..lots of food and great company.

Another important thing that i need to do is to pack Nazif and hubby's clothes for raya. Adeh..adeh..

Friday, August 20, 2010

36 weeks and Counting!!

I'm counting my days to the delivery date! Mak dah tak larat you...

Yesterday's check up was ok, though I lost a kilo! This may due to my fasting.  But Alhamdullilah the baby is doing just fine and growing at usual rate..but the head was far from the birth tunnel..huhuhu..

The doctor prescribed me with MC today. I thought of sending Nazif to the nursery and had my rest at home. But it looks like I had to forget about it. This boy was crying like mad ( as if he knows that I'm going to be at home) and refused to go to scooll.. tu tgh syok tgk DVD upin ipin..

Oh, its Friday! yeay..have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Tales

  • I have finally packed or semi-packed my hospital bag. Mummy and baby dah settle, the daddy's part is yet to complete..since hubby will be the one to accompany me in the hospital, thus, I have to pack for him too.
  • Its already the seventh day of Ramadhan! Sad to say, I had missed one day of fasting due to missed sahur. Somehow the alarm was not properly set on that day, huhu..I know I can't make it a day without sahur, thus I decided not to fast.
  • My baby gets extremely active during Ramadan! And I thought he would be the other way round! Strong baby or he's mad for the lack of food? Hehehe...I'd like to think the positive one, this is a strong baby!
  • Weekend was spent at Seremban, as usual to break fast with family. My grandparents, auntie and cousins were there too and we had a blast iftar!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mengantuk Tahap Gaban!

Mata pedih, berair, kejap-kejap 'gone', kejap-kejap kepala dah terlentok..

Itu namanya Mengantuk!!! Dah berpinau2 mata rasanya..takkan le sbb preggy letih sampai mcm nih? But who knows it your body giving signals, right? Even going upstairs, would leave me panting and heaving mcm org baru lepas marathon.

Thank God its Friday!  And its my 35th week! Tak lama dah tu..and Alhamdullilah today is my third day of fasting and so far no sign of stomach ache. Its the miracle and barakah from HIM I guess..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

How's Your First Ramadan?

Alhamdullilah..I managed to go through the first day of Ramadan without a glitch. Praying for it to continue for as long as I could.

So, I did manage to cook yesterday, yeah..such a strong willed to go to all that hassle. Yesterday's menu was curry chicken, fried anchovies with soy sauce and kailan for the vege.

And today, I plan to just fry some fishes, make egg sambal and again vege masak air..simple enough but for me its delicious. 

Humm..its all about food when Ramadan appears..hehe..oh baby, stay strong with Mummy ok!

PS: I have not yet pack for my hospital bag..wooo..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Salam Ramadhan

Wishing all of you

'Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Berpuasa'

May all our ibadah will be blessed by His Almighty and take good care of yourself!!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Almost A Week

Wow, its been almost a week that I have not posted anything. Last week, I had a training, thus the lack of entry..hehe..alasan...

Lusa, it already Ramadan! It means, my due date is getting nearer..! Wow, I can't believe this pregnancy has almost reached its end. Some part I'm feeling relieved, but on the other, quite sad. Relieved, because I'm so easily tired now and my body ached almost everywhere. Sad, because there'll be no more kicks and turns inside my tummy, which I really like. Believe me, you'll soon forget how it feels like to have a baby inside you. 

As for Ramadan preparation, last weekend I've prepared some cooking items like blended onion and garlic and  pre-cooked sambal paste. Hopefully I'm strong enough to cook simple dish, if not just buy lah. And hopefully I am strong enough to fast, insya-Allah. 

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tailor oh Tailor!

Mama had just called me to inform, that my tailor in KB has lost my measurement!!!

Huwaaa...!! Mcm takde baju raya je tahun nih..Altho most probably I'll be in confinement but still, at least on the first day of Raya nakle melawa sikitkan..

Looks like I have to find a ready-made as backup..