Thursday, December 29, 2005


Its afternoon, right after you have lunch,your stomach is now full, you went into the office ..the weather was so-so..not to warm, not to cold...its definitely the perfect setting for you to have a nice quick, afternoon nap..
Yeah right..I wanna have a damn SLEEPY!!! So, some of the things that you could do to avoid falling asleep in front of the pc...

1. Stand up and walk around the office..this is one good time to socialize with other offcemates who are not your lunch buddies... (this, I can do..)
2. Turn on your computer speaker..and sing..shalalalala...but cannot do meh..unless you're at home..durghh..(so..this one I cannot do)
3. Eat some more..hahaha...provided you have extra space inside your stomach
4. Write/update blogs...( this is what i'm doing..hahaha)
5. Still feeling sleepy..go wash your face at the toilet..
6 And the last resort...go to sleep meh!!!..Hahahahaha..(but set alarm first to avoid being overslept)

Ok..I dunno how abt others. But I always feel sleepy during the afternoon. Is it normal? Or something is wrong with me..? I believe I have enough sleep already at night..emm...lack of oxygen?..whatever..

Today is my last day at work for the year 2005. So HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The One Where Apple Went Shopping three days weekend was spent with shopping!! Wuhuuuu..but today the activities has already taken its toll on me...I was exhausted man! The things we bought mostly for our the new home of ours next year..

I thought I could write longer abt this..but my mind cannot think much..haiyaa...a lot of people in the office went for annual leave..huwaaa...I wanna go home...!!

Till then, have a blast day people out there!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Its been a long..long..time time flies. I have neclegted this blog for..emm..6 months??? N'ways, new year is approaching in a few days time..
So...what have I achieved this 2005?

Career wise, its more less as what I have been blogging abt in the last few posts..I'm now happy and somehow content with what I'm doing now. Although actually I can do better,hehehe..which means, next year I must do better ( the same 'ol,same 'ol resolution!)

This coming new year, my hubby and I are looking forward to move into our new home...yeah..we bought a house..and our weekends now are filled with visits to shops...doing survey for stuffs to put into our new home...well window shopping can be truly exhausted I tell you!!

So what else to look forward to? Maybe having a child should be if making babies can be compared to going shopping..well hopefully Allah could bless us with a child next year ( this..I truly..truly want!!!)..again, its all in God's hand. Maybe He has better.. better plans for us and it is yet to be seen. And maybe when I look back in time 10 years from now, I will truly understand why oh why we took so long to have our first child..who know huh??

Oh yeah..another thing..completed my master next year. I am now half way through it..and I hope I can still have the determination to carry it till the end..continuing study while you are working IS challenging....

Last but not least..( so 'nerdy')...I plan to reconcile and stay in contact with my friends from my secondary school or maybe primary I miss them...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Finally, I Moved On

It's been a long time since I update this blog.

Early this month, I finally change to a new department. Its like all my burden has been lifted up. ( refer to previous entry) What I'd like to do now, is to concentrate and give my full commitment to this new project that I'm in.

Well, that's about my career story. As for the personal stuff, things have not much change. I'm still the one and only wife to my DH..pretty much trying to have a baby of our own...but well, just have to be patient I guess. ..for the mean time me n hubby will just enjoy each other...hahaha..yup we are looking forward to have financial stability in the future and we're on the right track--> I guess...

Oh by the way, how can a baby got kidnapped/lost in hospitals? I terribly pitied the parents..yup just imagine you never got to even LOOK at yr new baby after carrying him all this 9 months..please..please let the baby be safe..

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A new day will come

After my meeting yesterday, I felt one heavy burden being lifted from my chest..Yezzaaa..I felt a lot better somehow. But still, the things that the 'person' has done to me will forever been kept in my head. But what for ? Well the experience you might say , will make me more cautious in future. Being good and obedient all this time is not good for me. People tend to take advantage on my kindness and naivete ( do I spell this right, whatever!).

Maybe in future, I'll write about this in details. As for right now, let me get out from this problem once and for all. And to that person, he may think it was his victory this time around, but then you never know what future lies. The skies will not always bright..

Monday, May 16, 2005

Time to move on

Today,I've decided to face the person who caused me my miseries.
The person who took away my all motivation towards my career and my work.
May Allah bless me all the way..AMIN

Thursday, May 05, 2005

My First Entry...

As the title goes, this is my first attempt to blogging.

I need to think what I want to write on my next post.