Friday, August 26, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya & Hari Kebangsaan

Yesterday was my last day at work before raya Hols..Me and family will heading back to hubby's hometown for the celebration today.

So here goes my Raya wish..sincerely from me and family!

As usual, be extra careful while you are on the road, SAFETY first!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Year On This Date..

In Hijrah calendar that is..Naqib Imran was born!

Hai la Adik..dah setahun rupanya..sometimes Mummy wish that you'll just stay that way..this is the growing up part that I find him so adorable!! Mummy can't just get enougghhh of you..rasa nak cium Adik sampai lebam! So geram tau!
But forgive me Adik, Mummy has not prepare anything for you today. Well, maybe we'll buy you a slice of cake today to commemorate the day. But I'll let you have a very little taste of it..just a little ok?

May you grow and be a good Muslim. Mummy always pray for your health, well-being and wealth. Love you! Muahss :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Preparation

Its the final week of Ramadhan..time just flies huh.

So I bet most of us are mostly done with Raya preparations..last weekend was spent doing house cleaning by our monthly maid..hehe..and me half-way done with pre-washing raya clothes and packing. Huhu..semangat..

Raya attires, considered completed when we finally bought the children's songkoks..yeah adik Naqib got one too..this year he'll be donning baju melayu..alolo..tak sabarnya. Hopefully you can walk by this of now, he always gets excited when standing up and down. Last two nights, he even made TWO steps..!! Yeah adik! You really catch up don't you?

Naqib trying on his baju melayu..
Ok, done with baju, cookies and cakes for raya finally was the same as previous years..well except for last year which I didn't order any since I was in confinement. Dear hubs had made the duit raya changes, so that's settled.

Since there'll be less than a week left for this holy month ended, let's do our best to collect our 'bonuses' for the life of hereafter. May all our ibadah and doa will be blessed, AMIN.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Raya Cards Anyone?

This morning, over the radio the DJs were discussing about Hari Raya cards..aahh..feeling pretty nostalgic already. Up till today, I haven't received any Hari Raya cards nor I sent any cards. Pretty sad,huh? I wonder when my children grow up raya cards will still exist.

I remembered when I was in primary, we would hung hari raya cards on tree. My Abah would be busy sending raya cards to his friends and family. He even custom- made the raya cards, with our names in it. And he would gave me some for me to give to my friends.

Then, during my secondary, raya cards were still relevant. Usually, we would also custom-made them according to classes/dorms. The competition who got the most was still there, hehehe..oh I wish I still keep those cards somewhere.

But now, with FB, blogs, phone and SMS, raya cards was ceased to existence. Also, with these technologies, stamps too were becoming very rare indeed. I doubt children these days have 'collecting stamps' as their hobbies, like I did. I found my stamp books in Seremban and I hope it is still there so that I can show to my children later when they could understand and appreciate things better.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raya House Cleaning....

One of the things in the agenda before raya, is to have house cleaning..well 'lucky' me..I've got these extra helpers on top of my usual weekend maid..



Tadaaa..caught red-handed by Mummy! Tapi muka maintain cool...

Then, came another askar..kononnya nak prevent from all the damage..tapi....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

Its break time, and I am so sleepy!! Very very sleepy indeed!

Its already Wednesday, the 10 th Ramadan, meaning it has been 1/3 of month already! Masya-Allah! So far Alhamdullilah I'm fasting, cooked almost..see here almost everyday for iftar and sahur. Terawikh , got a few nights that I missed..but most of them were done at home. I can't  really have them at Masjid with two little heros, one would definitely cry for daddy or mummy and another one would be crawling and looking for Mummy. Thanks, but I prefer to do it at home after hubby had his at the Masjid. Maybe next year we'll try to join jemaah in Masjid.

Went back to Seremban last weekend to have iftar with family. Me and little sis managed to bake our first batch of chocolate chip cookies, which I doubt could last for hari raya. As of on Sunday, the amount that left were half from what we had baked. I think we need another batch for Hari Raya, Insya-Allah.

Also, we finally trimmed Naqib's curls!! Oh dear no picture were taken during the process. But compared to Nazif, Naqib was wayyyyy cooperative in trimming hairs. Or daddy has developed better skill? Well whatever it is, Naqib looks more handsome and and 'boyish' than before. I hope people will not get confuse of his gender anymore.

Whoaa...still feeling sleepy. I hope you don't fall asleep as you're reading this..I better take my 5-mins beauty nap..

Monday, August 08, 2011

Ramadan Oh Duit!

Perhatian..ini entri yang luar dari kebiasaan dari penulis blog ini..

Beberapa hari lepas semasa balik dr kerja, saya berpeluang mendengar HotFM..dan topik pada hari tu adalah pasal 'Apa Yang Anda Rasa Tak Berbaloi Beli Di Pasar Ramadan'.

Hoho..mmg menarik..antaranya..

Ayam Percik - size kecik yer, takde buluh .RM 5.00
Kuih sepotong RM0.80
Cendol RM 3.50
Murtabak sebesar tapak tangan RM 4.00
Nasi Kerabu bersama solok lada RM 7.00

Mak datuk aih..terbuntang bijik mata mak mendengarnya..ada sorang ni kata dia habih RM 100 kat dah boleh mkn buffet kat hotel dah ni..

So, pada saya ada nampak dua menda yg signifikan kat sini..satu, duit memang senang habis bila datangnya bulan Ramadan atau senang nak dapat duit di bulan Ramadan. Ye lah bagi orang-orang yang berpendapatan biasa-biasa sahaja..jam inilah nak menjana pendapatan luar biasa. Salah satu cara, berniaga ni pasar atau bazaar Ramadan. Semestinya harga menjadi 'luar biasa' apabila saingan sudah terlampau ramai!

Jadi, utk orang-orang biasa yang tak berkesempatan nak menjana pendapatan luar biasa ni, terpaksalah mengambil langkah luar biasa utk menangani krisis harga yang melampau ini...contoh terdekat, saya sendiri..Perkara luar biasa yg saya lakukan di bulan Ramadan ini adalah memasak untuk berbuka hampir setiap hari. Jika di bulan yang lain saya jarang sekali memasak..memang luar biasa kan?

Itu pasal makanan..bab baju bajan tak masuk lagi..Perkara luar biasa mungkin pada penglihatan orang lain tapi tidak bagi saya adalah..awal-awal (seawal 6-7 bulan) lagi dah tempah baju raya..hehehe..itu salah satu cara untuk mengimbangi aliran duit keluar sepanjang tahun..idakle terbatuk-batuk bila masuk bulan Ramadan baru nak pukul habis kan..baju untuk anak-anak pun sama...beli sikit-sikit bila ada yang berkenan. Tak payah nak kata tunggu sale besar-besaran..Malaysia kita kan negara Malaysia Darul Sale..setiap masa ada jualan murah..bukan kah itu satu perkara luar biasa?

Lagi satu perkara luar biasa yang terjadi di bulan Ramadan ni, dengan menjelangnya raya adalah peruntukan duit untuk penukaran duit raya..Dulu masa tak ada anak, saya tak terjumpa formula yang bagi saya luar biasa ini..Setelah ada anak saya cuba untuk mengadaptasi formula ini..Yakni..duit raya yang diterima oleh anak-anak, apabila rupa dan bentuknya masih seperti baru, bolehlah diaasingkan utntuk kegunaan hari raya tahun hadapan..jadi ini secara tak langsung kita dah 'put aside' sikit peruntukan duit raya yer..tahun ni buat kira-kira hanya utk top up shj..haaa..kelas ko Jah..memang luar biasa!

Sebelum saya menutup entri saya nih..saya nak bagi teka-teki lah..Ada berapa perkataan 'luar biasa' dalam entri ini??


“Entri ini ditulis untuk cabaran #2 iPad MySuperKid yang direviu oleh Nor Hayati Yahya dan ditaja oleh Adorable Muslimah

Friday, August 05, 2011

Fifth Ramadan

Alhamdulilah, its already the fifth day of Ramadan. So far everything was as usual, well except the office starts earlier and ended earlier too. For the first two days, I had a very terrible headache, maybe due to excess wind. And Alhamdullilah on the third day, no more headache but its now toothache! Dugaan!

Image Googled
So, I definitely have to avoid sweet food ..huhuhu..cause it sting real hard!! Ouch!And it doesn't help either when the aircond in the office is colder than ever!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Kalau Cinta

Kalau Cinta song from Aliff Aziz and Joanne, is the current favourite song for Nazif. Kejap-kejap..

'Mummy, nyanyi Kalau Cinta'

Or if video advert of the song goes on air, he will sort of smiling to himself..And always bila dok saja-saja tu, tu will sing Kalau Cinta..jangan lacauu...(his version lah)..

So, here's the real lyric to the song...

Di lubuk hatiku
Adalah kamu
Sebagai ratu
Seluruh jiwaku
Hanya dirimu
Yang aku mahu
Telah ku percayakan
Hati ini padamu
Maka kita tak saling risau
Risau risau risau
Kalau cinta jangan kacau
Kalau sayang tak perlu marah
Kalau ikhlas tak minta berbalas
Serahkan cintamu
Pada yang punya cinta
Di lubuk hatiku
Adalah kamu
Yang aku perlu
Seluruh jiwaku
Hanya dirimu
Yang aku mahu
Ulang Verse
Ulang Chorus
Kau ku perlu
Kau jiwaku
Kau cintaku
Kau ku rindu
Kaulah ratu

Hai la are really my jiwaku..hehehe..

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Naqib Turns 11 Months

My Darling Naqib is now 11 months! Oh dear..Masya-Allah..this coming raya season he'll turn ONE!

His hair's curl has become more prominent now, that people usually mistaken him as a girl! Dahla a bit fair compared to his big brother, lagi Daddy we really need to cut his curls before raya,ok?

On his physical side, Naqib now has started cruising, has crawled all on fours. He also has found his way to the staircase..which reminds me that we need to put up again the safety gate.At times, he can stand on his own just for a few secs..oh Mummy can't wait to see you walking!!

Despite being toothless, his appetite is good. His favourite person is any one who have food..look easy to tackle eh..WRONG!! He still pretty much the clingy boy to his Mummy! And this has its pro and cons, hehe..

Monday, August 01, 2011

Salam Ramadan

Alhamdullilah, its Ramadan again. I am truly thankful for the chance to feel again this month full of barakah. And this also marks our first time fasting without Tok. Never thought that last year was her last Ramadan , ever.

So, happy fasting to everyone, may your month filled with barakah and rezeki. Amin. Take this bonus opportunity to increase our 'Saham Akhirat'.