Monday, November 30, 2009

Back from the Holiday..

We were back from Seremban yesterday. And we took quite a long route to escape traffic jams on the PLUS highway..

One of Nazif's Tunggangan, for his last year's Aqiqah..Posing baek punya!

As usual, it was an eating festival..hahahaha..and there goes to the dustbin my attempt to diet! And too many  meat for the dishes...dah Raya Korban kan..I think I'll pass all type of meat and chicken this week..I'm waiting for my parcel to arrive in a few days time, and after that its a serious time to burn the fats!!

Ah..time truly flies don't you think? Tomorrow its already December.

Whats' Your Child Eating Habit?

I am one lucky  Mummy when it comes to  my son's eating habit. Nazif I would say, not a picky eater. He's the one  that  PANTANG  jumpa makanan! Its always 'Nak, Nak, Nak' or 'Yum, Yum, Yum' when he saw food.

So of course as the Mummy, I definitely have to monitor his food intake. So far, his growth and weight are normal and according to the statistics. But sometimes, I can't help it, I became worried when he's always Nak, nak, nak. Yah, I'm worried when my son got the appetite when on the side some Mummies are worried that their children did not want to eat!

That's because if Nazif ate a lot, he tend to drink less of his milk. Which in my opinion, is still important for his well being. I don't want to stretch his tummy which maybe in later time could lead him to obesity. But so far, he's active nonetheless and I hope he continued being so.

We got one niece ( cousin to hubby's daughter) which I could term as an obese child and she's just 4 yrs old. She's got an extreme appetite, 2 or 3 helpings at one go. Of course people seeing her eating got excited, 'Wah pandai makan' and all that.'s the but. She's overweight, and her feet even got cracked due to the body weight. Sometimes she even crawled because her feet ached. Isn't that pity? And the latest, her leg got broken after some not-rough play with her sister, because she's unable to balance herself.

And my auntie even told some stories of children that contacted diabetes at the age of 3 years old. Can you believe it? Doesn't this alarmed you?

So, what do you think? Should I curb my son's appetite? Gave him only when necessary and don't just follow his request?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wishes and Reminder from Nazif

Hello Aunties and Uncles!
Mummy asked me to convey her wishes,

Selamat Hari Raya Haji fom Nazif, Mummy and Daddy!

and a reminder
Malam ni episod akhir Nur Kasih!! Tengok jgn tak tengok!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is this for Real?? Factory Outlets in Malaysia?

Good news to the shopaholics!!

Gedung barang berjenama terbesar Asia Tenggara di Iskandar Malaysia

NEW YORK 24 Nov. – Malaysia akan mempunyai rangkaian gedung membeli-belah barangan jenama (factory outlet) terbesar di Asia Tenggara di Iskandar Malaysia yang menawarkan harga rendah pada pertengahan 2011.
Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata, gedung membeli-belah itu dijadual dibina Februari depan hasil kerjasama Genting Berhad dan Chelsea Property Group dengan sasaran kunjungan empat juta orang setahun.
Menurutnya, rangkaian gedung membeli-belah itu menawarkan harga 25 hingga 60 peratus lebih rendah berbanding kedai biasa.
“Saya gembira Malaysia dipilih. Selain menarik pelancong, perusahaan kecil dan sederhana tempatan seperti industri batik, pakaian, makanan dan hiburan boleh terlibat. Kita juga mahu promosikan produk tempatan,” katanya kepada wartawan Malaysia di sini hari ini.
Terdahulu Najib yang dalam rangka lawatan perdagangan ke Amerika Syarikat (AS) mengadakan pertemuan dengan Pengerusi Genting, Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Chelsea Porperty Group, John Klein dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif CIMB, Datuk Seri Nazir Tun Razak.
Pada masa ini, Chelsea mengendalikan 387 gedung membeli-belah meliputi kawasan selatan Amerika, Eropah dan di Tokyo serta Korea Selatan. Di New York, gudang membeli-belah milik Chelsea, Woodbury Common Premium Outlets mempunyai 220 kedai barangan jenama.
Ia menawarkan koleksi barangan jenama seperti Adidas, Banana Republic, Burberry, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Zegna, Max Mara, Gap, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo dan Timberland.
Chelsea dan Genting telah menandatangani kerjasama ini pada Januari tahun lalu dengan jangkaan pelaburan sebanyak RM158 juta. – utusan
 No need to go jauh2 maa after this! But hopefully the price would be cheap as well lah..not just gedegang je lebih!

Laughter..definitely the Best Medicine!

After the feeling down-syndrome entry, let me put a smile on my face with this video..Son and Daddy bonding time..

When I'm feeling blue,
All I have to do,
Is take a look at you..

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kesian Anak Mummy, Part Two

Last weekend hold some major events for Nazif and me as Mommy..

Not the good ones you know..

First, Nazif for the first time ever fell off the bed. He was jumping happily when suddenly..wosh! Kebabom! Luckily, it was not that hard because there was a carpet and a pillow, but still he cried quite hard. Mostly due to shocked I guess..Told you it was in a blink of an time I was watching him, then I turned to switch on the fan, and when I turned back, he already fell.

Secondly, in the car. This one we can't really say how it happened. I was in a shop at that time. His finger got stuck somewhere but there's an evidence of being 'tersepit'. He cried when he got it, but we thought because he wanted to follow me then..He cried very2 hard while saying 'Atit, atit'...

Thirdly, during my SIL engagement. We were in the bride's room. I was holding his hand when he suddenly pulled my hand and somehow got slipped and his head got knocked at the wardrobe. He cried of course and saying 'Atit,atit'...I didn't realized at first that there was blood..but then my biras told me there's blood trace on my mouth and my tudung --very small portion but enough to make me feel alarmed! Double checked his head and of course there's a small cut. Put some ointment, and Alhamdulillah it stopped bleeding but there's one benjol of course.

Its all part of growing up they say, but I certainly need to be more I a bad Mummy? Huhu...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Out of Town..

Again for the third week in a row. This weekend SIL is getting engaged.

Next week is Raya Haji kan? So it will be another week we shall not be at home during weekend!

Our house?
Toksah cakapla...sikit lagi mcm nak pecah ke laut..Plus its raining season some more which makes the laundry basket(S) are piling up..up..and away. Clothes were everywhere in the house..dah jadik kedai dobi..

But the best part during this rainy season is sleeping time..syok ooo..SEJUKKK!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

There's No Easy Way

To reduce your body FATS!!

I know I should do more exercise,

I know I should monitor my food intake,

BUT..there's always BUT, huh?

Maybe its time to try Usana or anything else...but whatever it is the most important thing is the DISCIPLINE! And I am certainly weak when it comes to food discipline..HELP!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

17 Months Young!

My dearest son Nazif,

You are 17 months on 17 today! Mummy and daddy are truly thankful that we've been in this journey this far. You've grown so much dear, acting like a grown up each day. You've understood what we said, don't you?

You are such a parrot-like nowadays. Every words that we said to you, you are sure to repeat in your cute little ways. You've known cars sounds 'vroom', cow sounds 'moo', cat and tiger sounds 'meow' and duck sounds 'twek' (his version..hehehe) and many more. You said 'aceh' when you passed things or received things from people..

Everytime we came back from nursery, you'll definitely asked for your 'tek' in the cars. You got excited when you saw lorries on the road and point them as 'cars'..When we arrived, you straight away went to your study table and asked us to open your book to the page 'Mosque'. You said 'Allahuakbar' when you saw the image of people wearing songkok and said 'kok'. Then, its time for your dvd time. You would get to the drawer, and took out the cd/dvd and asked us to play for you. Your favourite cd so far is the Animal cd.

I can't really jot down all about you for there are many. You play like other kids, you throw tantrums sometimes especially during diaper changing ( we had to chase you around) and you eat like adults, hehehe..Oh another thing to remember, you know how to make 'Geram' and 'Comel' expressions..

Love: Mummy & Daddy

Monday, November 16, 2009

Eat + eat + eat = Fat!!

That's how i can simply summarized my weekend. Full of eating agenda!

That's what happened when we encountered with Mom's cooking..rite? Oh my son is included too..he's just not stop munching..always Nak! Nak! Nak!..

p/s :Lepas tu complain perut  boncit! Yeah served me right!

Friday, November 13, 2009

This morning punya story...

Its Friday! Yahoo!

Its been sometimes that I haven't put up the pictures of my baby boy!
These were taken this morning...

Nak tepon sapa tuh?

Tgh study utk SPM ke??

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time is not in our hands..

It is still early in the morning, and I truly miss my boy...


I felt like i don't have enough time cuddling and playing with him yesterday.

We arrived later than usual to pick him at the nursery yesterday due to TRAFFIC JAM! I hate it , I hate it, I hate it when there's an accident. We arrived at the nursery 15 minutes to 8 p.m.! That late you know! By the time we arrived, I can already heard Nazif' crying..huhuhu..I'm so sorry dear!

So our time together was cut short yesterday. On usual day, me and hubby usually picked him up around 6.15 pm. We usually straight away went for dinner or if my RAJIN mood around, I'll cook. Then when we arrived home usually at 7 pm..we will play, read or watch his CD/DVD together and at the same time fed him dinner. Nazif usually went to sleep around 9.30-10.00 pm.

Well, that's the sacrifices of working mother, huh?

What do you usually do during weekdays with your children? For working Mom like me?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hurricane Ida..

I found this on the paper today,

Taufan Ida kini Menuju ke Teluk Amerika
Ida weakens to depression

The hurricane was named after me(Hehe..perasaan kejap..) among many names why la Ida?
Who else got their name as the hurricane or any other things?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Story of a Daddy...

My sweet hubby sent me this story which I would like to share with you all...its a bit long by the way. So just bear with it! Or if you don't have the time, please find some other time to read it.


4 years ago, an accident took my beloved wife away and very often I wonder, how does my wife, who is now in the heavenly realm, feel right now? She must be feeling extremely sad for leaving a husband who is incapable to taking care of the house and the kid. 'cos that is the exact feeling that I have, as I feel that I have failed to provide for the physical and emotional needs of my child, and failed to be the dad and mum for my child.

There was one particular day, when I had an emergency at work. Hence, I had to leave home whilst my child was still sleeping. So thinking that there was still rice leftovers, I hastily cooked an egg and left after informing my sleepy child.

With the double roles, I am often exhausted at work as well as when I am home. So after a long day, I came home, totally drained of all energy. So with just a brief hug and kiss for my child, I went straight into the room, skipping dinner. However, when I jumped into my bed with intention of just having a well-deserved sleep, all i heard and felt was broken porcelain and warm liquid! I flipped open my blanket, and there lies the source of the 'problem'... a broken bowl with instant noodles and a mess on the bed sheet and blanket!

Boy, was I mad! I was so furious that I took a clothes hanger, charged straight at my child who was happily playing with his toy, and give him a good spanking! He merely cried but not asking for mercy, except a short explanation.

"Dad, I was hungry and there wasn't anymore leftover rice. But you were not back yet, hence I wanted to cook some instant noodles. But I remembered you reminding me not to touch or use the gas stove without any adults around, hence I turned on the shower and used the hot water from the bathroom to cook the noodles. One is for you and the other is for me. However, I was afraid that the noodles will turn cold, so I hid it under the blanket to keep it warm till you return. But I forgot to remind you 'cos I was playing with my toys...I am sorry Dad..."

At that moment, tears were starting to run down my cheeks...but I didn't want my son to see his dad crying so I dashed into the bathroom and cried with the shower head on to mask my cries. After that episode, I went towards my son to give him a tight hug and applied medication on him, while coaxing him to sleep. Then, it was time to clear up the mess on the bed. When everything was done and well past midnight, I passed my son's room, and saw that he was still crying, not from the pain on his little buttock, but from looking at the photograph of his beloved mummy.

A year has passed since the episode, I have tried, in this period, to focus on giving him both the love of his dad and mum, and to attend to most of his needs. And soon, he is turning seven, and will be graduating from kindergarten. Fortunately, the incident did not leave a lasting impression on his childhood memories and he is still happily growing up.

However, not so long ago, I hit my boy again, with much regret. This time, his kindergarten teacher called, informing me of my son's absence from school. I took off early from work and went home, expecting him to explain. But he wasn't to be found, so I went around our house, calling out his name and eventually found him outside a stationery shop, happily playing computer games. I was fuming, brought him home and whack the hell out of him. He did not retaliate, except to say, 'I am sorry, Dad'. But after much probing, I realized that it was a 'Talent Show' organized by his school and the invite is for every student's mummy. And that was the reason for his absence as he has no mummy.....

Few days after the caning, my son came home to tell me, the kindergarten has recently taught him how to read and write. Since then, he has kept to himself and stayed in his room to practise his writing, which I am sure, would make my wife proud, if she was still around. 'cos he makes me proud too!

Time passes by very quickly, and soon another year has passed. It's winter, and its Christmas time. Everywhere the christmas spirit is in every passer-by...Christmas carols and frantic shoppers....but alas, my son got into another trouble. When I was about to knock off from the day's work, the post office called. Due to the peak season, the post master was also on an edgy mood. He called to tell me that my son has attempted to post several letters with no addressee. Although I did make a promise never to hit my son again, I couldn't help but to hit him as I feel that this child of mine is really beyond control. Once again, as before, he apologized, ' I'm sorry, Dad' and no additional reason to explain. I pushed him towards a corner, went to the post office to collect the letters with no addressee and came home, and angrily questioned my son on his prank, during this time of the year.

His answer, amidst his sobbing, was : The letters were for Mummy.

My eyes grew teary, but I tried to control my emotions and continued to ask him: " But why did u post so many letters, at one time?" My son's reply was: " I have been writing to mummy for a long time, but each time I reach out for the post box, it was too high for me, hence I was not able to post the letters. But recently, when I went back to the postbox, I could reach it and I sent it all at once..."

After hearing this, I was lost. Lost at not knowing what to do, what to say.....

I told my son, " Son, mummy is in the heavenly kingdom, so in future, if you have anything to tell her, just burn the letter and it will reach mummy. My son, on hearing this, was much pacified and calm, and soon after, he was sleeping soundly. On promising that I will burn the letters on his behalf, I brought the letters outside, but couldnt help opening the letter before they turn to ash.

And one of the letters broke my heart....

Dear Mummy,

I miss you so much! Today, there was a 'Talent Show' in school, and the school invited all mothers for the show. But you are not around, so I did not want to participate as well. I did not tell Dad about it as I was afraid that Dad would start to cry and miss you all over again. Dad went around looking for me, but in order to hide my sadness, I sat in front of the computer and started playing games at one of the shops. Dad was furious, and he couldnt help it but scolded and hit me, but I did not tell him the real reason. Mummy, everyday I see Dad missing you and whenever he think of you, he is so sad and often hide and cry in his room. I think we both miss you very very much. Too much for our own good I think. But Mummy, I am starting to forget your face. Can you please appear in my dreams so that I can see your face and remember you? I heard that if you fall asleep with the photograph of the person whom you miss, you will see the person in your dreams. But mummy, why havent you appear

After reading the letter, I can’t stop sobbing. 'cos I can never replace the irreplaceable gap left behind by my wife....

Monday, November 09, 2009

So Sleepy...

Although we went to sleep at 10 pm last night, I'm still sleepy.

Nazif did not sleep well last night..kejap..kejap..mengangin..( perghh bau 'semerbak' sungguh) . Yes, being a mommy even when your son fart in his sleep, you got to wake up..very sensitive indeed.

Then he asked for a milk in a bottle..finished his milk, still did not go to sleep..scratched here and there..

At last , he woke up and sat still...
Ropa-ropanya..nak berak!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

You bite, I bite..

The biting drama of my son continued..

We came back from the office on Tuesday and the care takers informed us about Nazif being bitten again, this time at his chin. Last time it was a boy, this time a girl. Reasons? Fighting for toys, Nazif grabbed a toy from this little girl..My boy can be a little rough you see..especially when he scratched and pulled things.Ok, just need to share this piece of information with you all...

What You Need To Know

Biting is a normal behavior or phase for most younger children, which is the most important thing most parents need to know. ( altho its hard to act normal...hehehe)

Other important things to know about biting include that:
  • younger children often bite when they are teething, overtired, jealous, frustrated, mad, etc., or to simply see what happens when they bite, which is especially true of infants and younger toddlers, who may just be experimenting and exploring their world.

  • you should be careful not to overreact when your child bites, which can reinforce the biting because your child gets excited about the reaction it brings about.This is true when Nazif bit me when I'm breastfeeding him..lagi sakit adala..sib baik tak kena pelempang..huhuhuh...

  • don't do anything like bite your child back, physically punish your child, or put anything in her mouth when she bites.

Taken from this link.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Geram! Geram!

Nazif with his 'Buat Muka Geram'! The first time he did this we laughed like crazy!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Do things have feelings? do I write this. Okay I'll give some example lah..

Story One:
One time long..long that time we just got married and we had Proton Wira at that time. One day we went to shopping complex and there was a car show. So me and hubby looked around trying and joking with each other, maybe we should get this car to replace our Wira..

Then on the way back, we got into a minor accident, and my Wira had to be sent for repair for the FIRST TIME ever..

Story Two:
I was contemplating  to change my spectacles that was almost two years.  So last week,  I was chit-chatting with a collegue..telling her about changing my specs but not really rushing lah..its just that 'dah tak cantik'.

And so..last Saturday my spectacles was broken in the hands of my son, Nazif. 'Patah riuk' that there's no hope of repairing..huwaaaa...luckily i managed to get a new specs in a short period of time.But then its way out of my this month budget lah..huhu..

See? See? Do you get what I mean? Did my car and my spectacles really 'terasa hati' with me?