Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Preparation

I think its time to go through the number two baby preparation. I've got this list from Shilashower and I'm ticking off mine.



* Steriliser ( Never used one, using the traditional way, hot water)
* Feeding Bottles & teat ( I have no particular brand to go for..tak beli lagi)
* Teat & Bottle Brush (using the current one, or whatever I'm using for Nazif)
* Pacifier &Pacifier Holder (Nope!)
* Drying Rack / Organiser (Check!)
* Bottle Cleanser / Detergent (Check!)
* Bottle Tongs


* Breast Pump (My medela mini-E still in good condition. But I'm thinking of having a dual-pump this time, hopefully Medela FS like my sister is using, sungguh menarik!)
* Breastmilk Storage Containers / Bags ( Storage-not yet, Bag- Check!)
* Breastmilk Storage Organiser
* Electric Bottle & Food Warmer (traditional way, guna air panas)
* Nursing Tops / Covers ( Optional for me)
* Nursing Bras ( Check! Baru put aside for the last 6 months, now kena bukak lemari semula..maybe should get a few new ones..hehe)
* Breast / Nursing pads ( Check! Stok lama ada lagi..)
* Nursing Pillows / Supports (Check! Need to wash the cover)
* Nipple Cream (Never used one)
* Cooler Bag & Cooling Aids (Check! The old ones still in tip top condition)

Since I'm trying for exclusive BF, I'll forgo this part
* Formula Milk Container / Dispenser myself.
* Thermos Flask
* Warmer Bag


* Baby Cot ( Check!)
* Playpen / Playard (Optional)
* Mattress - Latex / Fibre / Foam
* Mattress Protector / Waterproof Pads
* Mosquito Nets (Check! At Mum's house)
* Bedding Co-ordinates (Cot Bumpers, Fitted Sheets, Comforters, Pillow &Bolsters) - Am thinking of getting one new set for the baby, except for the cot bumper. Kesian nak pakai yg abang punya..
* Chest Of Drawers ( Check! Bila nak pasang ni Daddy?)

Most of the items dah ada, be it the passed-me-down and new ones.
* Tops / Pants / Rompers / Sleep Suits
* Mittens & Booties
* Thermal Blankets
* Swaddling Blankets
* Hats
* Bibs
* Baby binders
* Muslin Squares
* Wash cloths

Bathing & Grooming:

* Bath Tub ( Need to get one, last time Nazif used his cousin's)

* Bath Seat / Bath Bed / Bath Net ( Need to get one, permintaan TokMama)
* Sponges (Not needed)
* Toiletries (Baby Bath, Baby Oil/Lotion, Baby Powder etc)
* Bath Towels - Check !
* Cotton Wool Balls / Swabs
* Cotton Buds - Check! Still have lots of stock from Nazif presents.
* Baby Comb &Brush -Check!
* Baby Nail Clipper / Scissors - Check!
* Bath Thermometer (Pakai siku pun boleh! )
* Nasal Aspirator / Cleaner (Check! Boleh share ka? Kalo cannot bought a new one lah for the adik)
* Medicine Dropper / Dispenser

Changing & Diapering:

* Changing Table (optional)
* Changing Mat (Check!)
* Baby Wipes
* Disposable Diapers (Considering Huggies for Newborn)
* Nappy Liners
* Diaper Rash Cream
* Safety Pins / Nappy Fasteners

Travelling Necessities:

* Stroller / Pram - Using the current one
* Car Seat - Using the current one which is barely used.
* Baby Carrier - Using the current one
* Nursery Bag With Foldable Changing Mat (Emmm..nak yg baru boleh?)
* Head & Neck Supports
* Sunshades
* Clip on Fan (check!)

Safety & Monitoring:

* Baby Monitor ( We parents have been given the sixth sense..hahaha)
* Baby Thermometer (PENTING! And check! Oh..maybe should change the battery, mcm dah nyawa ikan)


* Nappy / Clothes Detergent
* Clothes Hangers
* Laundry Basket
* Pails

Stimulating Toys:
Definitely hand-me down..
* Toys
* Play Gym / Mat
* Bouncers / Swings / Rockers
* Musical Mobiles
* Rattling Toys
* Mirror


* Parenting Books (good to have one)
* Babycare Books (good to have one)


* Confinement set (Last time I used Nona Roguy, this time I'm thinking of trying another brand, Any Suggestions?)
* Tummy binder - Check!
* Pads (I vote for Kotex!)
* Socks(Nak yg baru!)
* Nursing Shirts
* Sarongs

Well it looks like not many items in RED. So I supposed I should be laid back? Huh..nope..hopefully I can drag my heavy self to takeout Nazif's old clothing and started to wash them. Hehe..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Durian oh Durian!

I heard over the radio this morning, topic for today is all about durian.

I can't remember if I ever mentioned this before, I'm not a fan of durian at all! Even being pregnant does not trigger my appetite, hehe.. 

So, selamat hubby ku dr mencari durian utk mak buyung nih..

Only one thing related to durian that I would eat, the one they made into bubur or pengat durian which can be eaten with bread. The only durian related food I ever would. No durian ice cream, durian kek, or dodol durian.

So, who's with me? Ehehe.. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Third Trimester

I'm officially in my 3rd trimester today!

Which left me more or less about 10 weeks more if this baby decides to pop out in 38 weeks, like his big brother.

Oh, should I on my panic button? BTW, have a happy weekend! 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

When Will This Phase End?

Ever since he turned TWO, his behaviour is really testing our patience as the parents. Maybe its the transition period for all of us ever since hubby started on his new job, or maybe its the terrible two phase. Emmmm...*sigh*.

For example, for the last two days, I picked him up from the nursery. When we reached home, hubby's not home yet. He was crying and screaming for Daddy and refused to go inside the house. His cried could be heard for a few blocks of houses..oh anak! I think it lasted more than 15 minutes and luckily hubby arrived home shortly after that.

And if one of us is not around, for example I went upstairs and he was playing downstairs with his Daddy, in a few seconds you can expect him to say, Mummy mana? followed by his cry. Then if hubby sent him upstairs and he went back downstairs, you can expect him to say Daddy mana? and followed by crying. Its like he wants both of us to be there..

This was taken during one of the crying moments..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Wedding

It was my SIL wedding last weekend. Alhamdullilah everything went well despite some hiccups here and there. Adatla kan..there's no such thing as perfect wedding.

One of the thing that I can't forget was me and my biras becoming the 'bidan terjun' for the hantaran making using FRESH FLOWER. Yup you heard me! It was my first time and we had to do it marathon! The flowers only arrived at around 4 and we finished it in 3 hours, just in time to get to the mosque for the solemnization. It was madness I tell you. Luckily it was rather presentable, hehe..well to my eyes. And just imagine, in between preparing them, my son and my niece (the biras's daughter) was throwing tantrum all over the house due to sleepiness but refused to take their nap.

Anyway, congrats to the newlyweds. Hope both of you enjoy the marriage life that's full of up and downs and be patient with each other.

So with that, on hubby's side there'll be one more wedding left!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its Another Birdie!

After being shy for almost 2 months, my baby finally show the long awaited answer!

Its going to be a BOY! 
Insya-Allah and Alhamdullilah. It looks like Nazif's is having his own playmate soon! And that makes Mummy the rose among the thorns, walla..and my parents and parents-in-law will receive their 4th soldier for their grandchild!

Now Mummy can prepare the your stuff in peace. means I could use most of Nazif clothing, but still, jiwaku still meronta utk shopping jugak..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Celebration

It was a small scale celebration which was kinda adhoc plan. The actual plan was to celebrate at hubby's hometown, but since hubby can't take a leave, we just had it at Nazif's nursery.

 The birthday boy, in the morning. I just love taking his picture while he's sleeping.
 A simple Barney themed birthday cake. Ordered from Anna Bakefreshly. She's the one that did his last year's birthday cake.
The goodie bags for the children. Also Barney themed, hehehe..Spent two nights assembling those bags. I have to wait until Nazif went to sleep at night before starting these. Tried hard to hide from him, but somehow he managed to find them!!

Not to forget, the Goodies for the teachers a.ka. caretakers as our appreciation. Nothing to shout about, its the last minute decision after contemplating what to give with the kind of budget that I set.

So at around 11 a.m. I managed to get myself to the nursery and had a simple celebration with Nazif and other children. Nazif was kinda sleepy at that time. So that's why the blur and 'masam' face. But the other children were so excited, hehe and gosh they were loud. But I had fun entertaining them hehe..children will always be children. And they are precious!

Nazif and his friends. Beautiful, beautiful children. 

So that's all for the story. Nazif was crying hard when I started to leave. But I tried to stay tough. yup tough love again. Well Nazif, I know you won't remember any of these later, it may not be grand, but still I want to do something for me to remember this when you are a big boy later. 

Nazif is TWO!!

Nazif Irfan,
Happy Birthday to you dear,
Mummy is not very good at creating wonderful poems, thus I only have this one dedicated to you.

To Our Darling Son

© Caroline Falzon
God blessed us with a son who is turning two today,
every day we see His love in you, true as the purest gem.
from His all knowing heart, His very best He sends,
may He keep you always in His tender loving care.
we thank God for all you our son, we're glad for all you tend,
from a strong yet tender heart and a core that never ends.
as cute as a bug, you are so precious to hug,
a dear child who brings out the sunshine to those who are near.

when your eyes are shining brightly it is so nice to see,
that one day you will for certain become all you're meant to be,
you are to simply everyone a special little man,
who brings the kind of happiness that nothing is greater than.
everyday you bring to us all the joy that life could hold,
you're such a special little boy from the day you were born,
like teardrops on the roses kissed by the morning dew,
you're the treasure that give us pleasure in everything you do.

how adorable and loving with every morn you turn to be,
how charming and exciting as into the big world your eyes peep.
the warmth in our hearts you keep so alive,
treasured are the memories you are engraving in our book of life.
our vows we'll pledge that by your side we'll always walk,
our anchor we'll throw to keep you safe from any storm,
our love will nourish you through the path that you will take,
our promise to cherish that our bond will never break.

happy birthday to our dear son who couldn't be more loved,
we turn to God each day and night to keep you safe and sound,
we join you in your night prayers as to the guardian angel you call,
please protect and keep your light on for this cute little boy.
may God bless you our sweet angel,
especially on this day,
you are our masterpiece that only God can create.
and as the candles, your breathe will blow,
our endless wishes,
like shooting stars, your life forever will glow.

may God bless you today, tomorrow and always
in peace, in health, in happiness and in love.

Source: To Our Darling Son, Birthday Poems
We Love You Very Very Much,

Mummy & Daddy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going Our Separate Ways

Well, after 7 years, 6 months and 2 days we finally went on our separate ways.


To work I mean! Haih! My hubby has started on his new job today.

Yes, since the day we got married, I have been sent to work by hubby everyday., for the first two years. Then we were in the same company, and of course we went together. Well I did drive when he went for outstation or me having training. But this is new!! I no longer have the luxury of falling asleep on the way to work...hehehe..that's one of the perks!

But then, changes are good. We came out from our comfort zone..well I am in comfort zone that's way I'll leave it to hubby to further pursue his career path. I'll be forever supporting him in whatever he do cause he's doing for our family.

So dear, goodluck in your new place. Work smart and don't come home too late, hahahah!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Today is the Day!

Its the start of the match tonight ! South Africa vs Mexico..ceh..yoyo ooo ajer..

And then I realized another thing. Its my pregnancy ticker! Instead of showing three digits to the due date, it has now reduced to TWO digits--98 days.!! Oh sedikit panik di situ..

Preparation wise, hummm..I can safely say 10%?? Huhu..very little huh? Sian far you only have 2-pairs of new clothes and binder. And oh a drawer which has not yet been installed. Seriously my mind is kinda set not to buy beria2 as long as I don't know the gender. Well to be on the safe side I have to choose clothing that could suit both genders, right? Sungguh tak byk choice for unisex!

But for item like stroller and car seat, definitely we are using what we bought for Nazif before. They are still in good conditions and the color has been picked to suit both mmg dah pikir dari dulu..moreover those thing takler fully utilized by yr big brother,hehe..

Note: Mak-mak zaman sekarang, everything nak coordinate color according to gender..hehehe..alasan je tuh.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sleeping Arrangement

Last Monday, I managed to catch up the Nanny911 show. This week the parents asked for the nanny's help to let their sons be more independent or as the Nanny said as TOUGH LOVE i.e eating on their own, sleeping on their own bed and a few more.

Well that makes me think of my next target : To train my boy to sleep on his own bed.

With another baby coming, our queen size bed definitely cannot cater for another one. Even now, we practically squeezed ourselves into the bed. Yah, blame for me for not putting my son on his own crib before, and tough love is tough, is nice maaa..

We have a single bed in our spare room; which I plan to bring it inside our room. Yup, still in the same room but different bed. I'm so not ready to let him sleep on other room than ours. So Daddy, when is it this plan can be materialized?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


After so many times contemplating on changing the LOOK of this page of mine, I finally managed to do so! At last! Just another free template, don't feel the need to outsource to designer yet..hehe..cita-cita tuh..

Yeay Me!

ps: Still not finished yet.

Countdown to the Football Fever!

In less than emm 48 hours, the fever will start!

Is it Yay or Nay? Hehehe..for me its neither..I'm on neutral ground. So which team will be your pick? Brazil, Portugal, France etcetera...?? Me? Who got the hottest players..hahaha..that will be my pick..Looking at the schedules, most of the hot picks team will play during 2.30 am in the got to pass it..This mummy needs the sleep more than watching the hot players.

Monday, June 07, 2010 boat!


I have bought this chunky puzzle sometime ago. And so far Nazif has mastered putting all the shapes in the slot. And now, instead of slotting those shapes, this creative boy has started to play with those wooden shapes and placed them horizontally. Yesterday, while playing with the puzzle, this Mummy konon2 nak menguji anak dia lah...

Showing him the large ship shape,
Mummy : Nazif what is this? 
Nazif   : Aaaa??? 
Mummy : What is this?
Nazif   : Aaaa??? 
Mummy : Ok..this is a ship..( Mummy dah tak sabar...)
Nazif    : boat!!

Kuang..kuang..kuang..this is just like the advert Bunga,,bukan ni orkidla..but mine is the other way round!

Thursday, June 03, 2010


I had my first leg cramp last night! For this pregnancy lah..Ouuhh..hate it! 

And sometimes my 'urat punggung' also kinda 'sentap'. Especially if I lay down on hard surface..I think age really makes a lot of difference when you are pregnant, now that I'm in 3-series group..hehe..