Monday, October 25, 2010

Mother of Two

How am I doing with the new title?

Hectic I tell you!! Another demanding baby is on the house..hehe..feeding aroung the clock with mummy's milk and also formula..yeah pity me for not being able to exclusively BF Naqib. He's lost so much weight when he got his jaundice..from 2.71kg to 2.35kg..and paed advice me  to top up with formula ASAP. and alhamdullilah he now weigh 3.3 kg..still small for his age which he should at least be 4 kesian..everyone thought he's a premie..but small he maybe but his crying waaaa...siksa jiwa raga..loud i tell you..

As for big bro, he's like a photocopy machine and parrot..yg x best, i don't know from where he got the bad attitude like jelir lidah...and he got fast hand too..tampar orang to attract attention..but in talking department..adoila...very cute ways..sometimes I wonder if he's a three year old kid..cakap mcm org tua..and sometimes acted like one too..Oh..his stubbornness always tested everyone's patience too which results him having his timeout almost everyday. even rotan too..


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Whata nice date, kan? So kena la ada one post..the last 10.10.10 dah lepas..

So what's so significant about this date? Its my first  time ever having to tend to two sickboys..yep both of my boys are sick..Nazif having fever and cough while Naqib got the cough and flu. Pity the baby though, belum apa-apa dah berjangkit..and he had to go through the neb and physio. Sungguhla mencabar..luckily I'm still on leave..because I really felt like zombie when I woke up this morning. Kejap2 the baby, then abang had to be sponged around the clock..

Do pray for their speedy recovery, ok..and the mummy too for I have started to feel ache all over my body. Oh btw, I'm free from confinement already..hehehe.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Naqib Imran

Baby Naqib is now 6 weeks young. And today he has been circumsized! In about 2 weeks, my leave will end. Oh how I wish the co allows for 3 months paid leave like the govt.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Abang Nazif

My first born son, is getting cheekier and sometimes naughty too. He loves his brother too much which results he s getting in the way every time i`m tending to Naqib. Adik nak sleep dia sibuk picit pipi, adik nk mandi dia nak mandi n many more. But in some aspects dah boleh tolong like throwing soiled diaper n get mummy tissue when adik vomit.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

My Boys

After being silence for quite long,here I am! So far still adjusting life with 2 boys. Busy especially with Nazif who made me always lost my patience. Ok story mory later!