Monday, February 28, 2011

The Productive Weekend

Last weekend was what I can call as house cleaning day..inside and outside. I had two ladies to clean and iron and hubby managed to engage a land mower to mow our small piece of land. We also managed to get a plumber to fix the noise from the pump.hum..very fruitful weekend indeed..

Oh and then, hubby and Nazif went for haircutting session. Nazif kept saying he's not afraid anymore ( well he used to) of cutting his cute! Habihla mummy asyik cakap anak sendiri what..hehehe he is cute!

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Happy Birthday Mama

Today is my beloved Mama's birthday! But we celebrated it in advance last Saturday since everyone were around..well the daughters laa..So we bought a small cake for the cake cutting..

But, it's not the birthday girl who's excited..the grandchildren were!

So..this is the happy birthday song..Only baby Naqib was not in the picture.

Then,the cake cutting by Mama

Then it's eating time..the cake was finished in a heartbeat!!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Decode This...

Can you decode what this word means?


Can you? Can you? I'll give you 10 secs..hehe..



To tell you, the first time me and hubs heard this, we were dumbfounded!! We kept asking each other back when Nazif asked for his tai-tai-yiii..he kept asking us..Mummy nak tai-tai-yii..and pointing to the ipad..

Carik..carik.. carik..akhirnya baru lah jumpa...perghhh..awatla pelat semcm Nazif oiii???

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Last Year's Reading List

Its almost end of February, and guess what I haven't finished one real book yet!

Ops wait..there's one
1. Yang Sebenarnya - Aisya Sofea

Alrighty..back to last year's list:

1. Inspector Singh Investigates
2. Picture Perfect - Jodi Picoult
3 .For One More Day - Mitch Albom
4. Tell Me Your Dreams - Sidney Sheldon
5. Desire - Amanda Quick
6. Dear John - Nicholas Spark
7. The Princess - Jean Sasson
8. Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu  - Siti Rosmizah
9. Cocktails for Three -  - Madelaine Wickham

Adusss..not even 10..parah..parah...

And for this year, I haven't scout around for any books yet..any recommendation is most welcome!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #4

Current favorite series, but sometimes termiss...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soprano Baby

Baby Naqib finally found he's got voice! By screaming out loud!
He screamed when he's happy,
He screamed when he's bored,
He screamed when he's sleepy and
He screamed when he wants MUMMY..

And its high pitch ya all! I swear a little bit higher he could break a glass..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Saya Mahu Macaron Dari Blog Dalissa Sweet Treat

Agak pelik ke tajuk blog saya hari ni? Dengan bahasa Melayu lagi..hehehe..kalo dulu hari rabu sekolah saya buat English day, apa kata saya buat Hari Bahasa Melayu pulak utk blog saya?

Ops..dah melalut ke laut pulak..

Bukan apa, semlm siap termimpi-mimpi lagi pasal macaron ni..tak lena tido saya dibuatnya. Perkara pertama saya nak bagitau, saya ni tak pernah lah lagi merasa macaron ni ( ketinggalan keretapi sungguh saya nih), .tapi rupa dia alahai..sgt lah comel, bulat-bulat..nak-nak bila berkaler-kaler tu..aduh..sungguh tangkap leleh..( adekah ini salah satu sbb baby Naqib saya, asyik menjejes jer air liur dia?)
Dari blog kawan saya
Dari blog kawan saya jugak
Yang membuatkan saya boleh termimpi tu, sbb dah dua hari saya asyik terserempak dgn entry pasal macaron ni satu, kat FB, satu lagi kat blog kawan sekolah saya..yg kat FB tu buat koleksi membeli...agaknya dia pun terkena sampukan macaron macam saya jugak.. yg kat blog kawan, dia ambik gambar dia jumpa Laduree punya gerai kat airport Dublin..oh ada lagi satu blog kawan saya jugak..dia dapat free sample dr Dalissa Sweet Treat blog..

Atas sebab di atas lah..saya rasa kemungkinan besar dlm masa terdekat ni saya terpaksalah saya mengorder macaron utk hilangkan rasa kempunan saya ni.. tapi lebih manis kalo ada orang belanja kan..kenyit kenyit mata dekat sang somi..

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Sick Mode

I'm at home today with another episode of gastric. It started yesterday with uneasy stomach..due to wind. Then there was a little bit of fever..and vomiting. But this morning I have been purging..for I think 10 times now...arghh..tertekan..

Okie dominos is here.yummy...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nazif : 32 Months Young

Today he turns 32 Months. In another 4 months, he'll turn 3 years! Still I just can't believe it. The biggest milestone Nazif achieved for this age is definitely his potty training department. Way to go my boy! 

I can safely said for the small business, he sort of 'graduate', but in the big business, he still refuse to do it at the toilet. He would asked for his diaper instead. But for me its good enough because in actual, I plan to start him when he's three but this is far advanced!

Gaya baekkk punya..


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #3

Its Nazif, no..its the Ultraman!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cukup Indah

I think this song is soo sweet! Kalo dengar mesti rasa happy-happy..and the straight forward lyric really gets to my heart..

By Alif Satar

Tak pernah aku jauh darimu
Meninggalkan cinta kita
Tak pernah aku meluka hatimu
Perasaan dan jiwamu
Segalanya telah ku serah
Hanya engkau terindah

Hanya kerna kau yang cukup indah
Untuk dimiliki dan untuk dicintai
Ku tahu kau mahu ada di hati
Untuk didampingi untuk disayangi

Tiada yang lain selain dirimu
Kekal tinggi di hatiku
Tiada pengganti yang mampu ku cari
Yang secantik diri kamu
Cinta ini untuk dirimu
Rasa ini untukmu

Ulang Korus

Hanya kerna kau yang cukup indah
Untuk dimiliki dan untuk dicintai

Arggghh...CUKUP INDAH when you're surrounded with your loved ones, right?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nazif and Potty Training Story #2

Another memorable moment that I wish to jot down for my own keepsake..hehe..another funny moment I might say..

Before this, we only potty trained him during weekend and if weekdays, it was after we picked him up from the nursery. But starting last Tuesday, it seems the nursery has already trained him too...this I only realized after the incident.

As usual, when we arrived ( Mummy and the children), I would take out their bags and the children one after another..have to unload one by one..Nazif usually can 'unload' himself..hehe..

Ok, that day, while I was unloading adik Naqib from the car, I heard Nazif cried. Oh, what's the matter? Did he fell down? Knocked himself or can't reach his toys? That's among things that can make him cried. So, I went into the house and saw him standing beside his bike, crying buckets. I looked further down, and saw...


A puddle of pee!!!!

Hahahaha....tak jadik nak marah ok? He must be very 'geli' to have been crying like that! So I quickly put down Naqib and started to clean up the mess and telling him its ok..Mummy will clean the pee..I really hope he learned his I say to him, next time you want to pee, what do you say??

Mummy, nak shi shi toilet!!

PS : Before in the car he kept asking me to change his pants. Could this be the sign too??

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #2

This also marks my 444th post. Nice number?

Koi Pond, Japanese Garden Bukit Tinggi

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Long Holidays Activities

My company enforced the forced leave thingy for the last CNY holidays, and what did we do?

One of them is shopping..yeay! I love shopping, huwahahaha..pantang ada duit lebey sikit..
This boy is now the proud user of Apple!

Nazif tengah 'kusyuk' study! Adik dok tenung aja..

For the house, me and hubby bought a new carpet to replace the one in the living.

And also sempene Jakel punya sale, we bought our cloth for Hari Raya! Fuiyoo...which can be sent to the tailor as soon as possible. The color theme for this year..tunggu! This means, I really have to speed up my back-to-pre-pregnancy weight soonest possible. And most importantly to reduce my bulging stomach..

Ok, other than shopping, as usual we went back to Seremban and attended a relative wedding. Tu je lah..we are lucky not being stuck in the terrible jam.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Naqib Turns 5 Months!

Wow quite a long time without any post..

So,on the last Chinese New Year, Naqib Imran turns 5 months young! Wuhuu..I just can't believe it. In another one month, he can start his solid..

But till today, he has not yet roll-over. He's taking his own sweet little time I guess. He just do it half way..but even he is on his back, his position could turn 360 degree..hehe..but he can hold his bottle on his own! We tried putting him on the bumbo seat, but he cried..unlike his bother Nazif who loves his bumbo seat until now..! I guess he loves his rocker more.

On his milk splitting, he still has it..but its getting better I guess. Just don't overfed him and he will be fine. We always had to carry around his napkin as his wipe cloth or wear him with bib. These two items napkin and bib is a must for Naqib, which during Nazif time we hardly used them.