Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009

What's in store for me for new year, Mummy?

To reflect on this year's achievement; I can see no other than having my most long awaited baby, Nazif Irfan. I am now complete as a woman. This is a new start for me towards motherhood as well as parenthood.

On career wise, Alhamdulillah it is progressing well. Nothing much to comment on that matter. I am thankful for the monetary gains which allows me to get want I want and need especially for my child's needs.

Looking forward to 2009 here as some wishlist that i plan to achieve:

1. To go on vacation outside Malaysia ( Tabung-0-meter calling)
2. Buy a new bedroom set for Master bedroom which I called katil idamanku..
3. Change new curtains for the whole house
4. Maybe try for Nazif's adik..(har..har..har..)
5. And of course being a better Muslim, wife, mother and friends..

Insya-Allah, may the journey will be blessed all the way from Yang Maha Esa.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The End of the Year

As usual, when it is year end the office has became quiet. Most people were on leave.

I'm on leave for almost a week last week. First, it was Nazif having diarrhea thus Mummy has to take urgent leave to tend him..Pity my son...I dunno how many times he pooped , at first I kinda keep track the number of his poo-poo..but not long. I was exhausted myself for gradually changing his diapers! (On that day, I was on the verge of being fed-up of diaper changing..hahaha..bad mummy!!Until I kinda secretly wishing hubby was there to share the task, he's working anyway). But luckily his condition improved the next can't tell how relieved I am. My b**b also was sort of kemek due to his feeding lah..nak ganti balik liquid yg keluarkan...

Coming to the office this morning walla..a lot of work la pulok..Next week there'll be a presentation on project as usual must prepare slides la kan..lucky la got templates and what nots..

Okayla..dah byk work..lagi mengada mau tulis blog..haaa..if directly know you have of stuff to clear, but still you want to write your blog..

Erk..still haven't write about my achievements this meh..later. And I hope its not too late to wish Selamat Tahun Baru Hijrah to all Muslims..may this year brings a lot of happiness and contentment in your life.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hubby has safely returned from HK last Saturday.

Nazif has develop a nasty rash around his so-called neck..kesian my baby!

I've got myself a new mobile phone..altho not the latest type..but as long as there's camera and its 3G then its okay with me..hehe I'm not really into a gadget thingy, as long as it fits my usage then its good!The last time I've bought a new phone was three years back...and to date, since I first started using handphone I only have..emm.....let me list them..

1. Siemens ( can't recall the model), 1999-2001
2. Nokia Butterfly , 2001-2005
3. Sony Ericsson P910i , 2005-2008
4. Sony Ericsson K800i, now..

see...very frugal one..hehehe..(pat myself on the back)..

Ohh..maybe I should call this post as My list of Phones..nah..too nerdy..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

6 Months Young

Nazif and Daddy

My Baby is now 6 months!

How time truly2 flies..I felt that I've just given birth to him, and now , its already half a year passed by.

Nazif has improved so much on his solid eating and Mommy truly enjoyed making food puree for him. So far, I've tried rice + dates, rice + milk , bananas, apple and pear , all blended with love..hehehe..and he's about 7 kilos already..!(that was 2 weeks ago)

He certainly doesn't sit quietly nowadays, always moving around in circle when he's on his tummy, jumping on his feet when you hold him..I mean he really jumps..(very lenguh one..) and laughing hard too! He likes to play with my specs and sucks on my face..this few nights Nazif already started to lift his cute butt and sort of a little time he'll definitely start crawling!

You've definitely the light in mommy and daddy's life and the best anniversary gift so far!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Gosh..its freezing in the office..grrr...!

Hubby has safely departed for HK this morning..he'll be away till Saturday.
So, I drove to work this morning, terketar2 mak ok..its been a long time since I drove and now with this 4cc0rd which is wayyy long and wide..its hard to budget especially when parking..

So last weekend was our 6th wedding anniversary. Hubby and I had our lunch date at the highest restaurant in KL..mana lagi..Seri Angkasa lah..Nazif was sent to the nursery so that his parents can eat in calm and tranquility..hahaha..yes..we gallop all that we can...while enjoying the scenery..altho its not that some pictures but too lazy to put the camera is with hubby.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Six Wonderful Years..

Its been six years since we've been married and nine years that we've known each other..

Happy Anniversary dear hubby!

No words can say how much you mean to me, we've been through a lot, weaving our life's through rain and shine. We are blessed to find each other and that is what I'm thankful for.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Langkawi Island

Let the picture says it all..

At the airport and Cable Car, Langkawi

Pit stop at Tun's the Loaf...

Jalan-jalan around Pantai Cenang and Tanjung Harbour

So, where's our next holiday hubby?? Nazif is such a good boy, so senang bawak berjalan. He sleeps whenever he's one time he even slept during his poopoo time..hehehe..

Thursday, December 04, 2008

No Title

Its already December!

We came back from Langkawi last Tuesday... Alhamdulilah the weather was hot and sunny in the island and windy too..A lot to write but emm...very lazy to elaborate. You can guess or imagine the usual activities when one in Langkawi, one of them is shopping!

Pictures are still in the digicam, I still cannot find the time to transfer to PC yet.

Anyway, wishing all of you, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha! We'll be going back to hubby's hometown in Muar.