Friday, June 30, 2006


: Our house is in the process of renovation..minor renovation..not the walla..walla kinda thing hehehehe...hopefully we can move in sometime next month.

:Family wise..last three days, my cousin who is carrying her 3rd child was involved in an accident..she lost the baby which she carried for almost 7 months..its the most devastating thing happening this week..right now she's waiting for the natural contraction to come to deliver her stillborn...may Allah bless the little boy's soul..(its a boy by the way). ..

Friday, June 09, 2006

The long awaited moment....

:The developer called yesterday informing us..that we can collect the house's keys!!! Yippee...I'm and husband now can start contacting the contractors for installing the grills, kitchen cabinets, start packing...etc..etc..the list is endless but I'm thrilled !

:The World Cup is starting which team I'm supporting? Dunno know much actually..but I'm looking forward to watch Brazil, Japan and France play their games..but only on weekends la I can do that..But on hubby sides, he doesn't seem to mind much abt the game..yet...

:Its the wedding season..this weekend the whole family will be attending an old family friends' wedding..last weekend, me and hubby nearly..nearly went to the wrong house for his friends's wedding..aiyoyo..couldn't imagine if the DJ of the wedding didn't annouce the name of the couple who celebrated their wedding..You see, there are two weddings on the same row of houses..emm..lucky us!

Till then, have a nice weekend! I know I will!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cobwebs in the House..

Make way everyone..the cleaner of the house is back..!!
Writer's block for a month..hehehe..believe it ?...nah..too lazy too write actually..been busy with the finals and what nots.(excuses..excuses..)

Latest update on the new house. Well at last we have finally received the long awaited CF.So still waiting for the developers to hand over the keys after the financier settled their part...the curtain for living-CHECK! all ready..the new cushion for rattan sofa-CHECK! new coating for the rattan sofa itself-CHECK! humm..what else..will update later abt it.

On more cheerful side, I'm glad that my parents have safely moved into the home in Sban2! Which means, I could always balik kampung even during weekdays..hahahaha..(clap..clap..hepi..hepi..) I could pour all my creative ideas for the new house in Seremban...chewahh..then later the one in Bangi..(but this has been taken over by hubby whose idea is way..way..too much..hahaha..kasik fulus baru boleh jalan)..

Ok enough say for now..