Friday, April 30, 2010

Big B and Babies

Its Friday! Alhamdulillah.

Happy news again..wah asyik2 happy news je's good, so kenalah thankful kan.

First, the big B was in yesterday..yeah!Again, Alhamdulilah, tho the amount yg LHDN dpt boleh tahan BYKKK..a bit stress there..

Second, I've became an auntie again. Yes, my dear sister Ayni has safely delivered a baby boy yesterday , weigh 2.5 kg ( so cute and tiny maaa) Kelana Jaya Medical Center. So Nazif is no longer the baby in my side of family..hehehe..

The latest grandchild of Tok Abah & Tok Mama

As of now, the baby has no official name yet. So we only address him as Muhammad for the time being because that's gonna be his first name.

Thirdly, today marks my 20th week into the pregnancy. Which means, I'm half way already to the big day..well if the baby decides to pop out in the 40 weeks. But looking at history it might be earlier. Amazingly during my last check up, I did not put on any weight from the previous one , but luckily the baby is growing very well and I pray it will continue doing so. The kicks and turns are becoming more frequent now. Only one thing that bothers me now is the pain on my left side of my tummy which is the result of being seated for too long. This only happens on weekdays mind you..and based on doctor, it was due to my operation scar ( the appendix one..). 

Thus I'm considering to buy the support belt to reduce this pain. Anybody here have tried this during your pregnancy?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Something He Inherited From Me..

Its the pegang telinga part while drinking his milk! I had this habit when I was small too..hehehe...well for me not just during drinking time, it was also one of the ways for me to fall asleep.

I think I also had my picture taken while I'm on the action too, but its in the album at Seremban house.

You've got some mummy's groove after all..hehehe!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Happy Happy Weekend..

Oh I have many things to be thankful for the last weekend!

First, I had this pregnancy craving of 'Masak Gulai Ketam Tumis Darat' from Mama. And being the lovely Mama,  she called me up on Saturday and announced, 

    ' Bila nak sampai? Gulai ketam dah masak..'

And off we went to Seremban after finishing that morning errand. Altho its almost 2 pm and past my lunch time, I sanggup tahan you.. its the best! Gambar tak sempat nak ambik yer.makan lagi penting.

Secondly, for tea time, its Abah's turn to fulfill my second craving..CENDOL..yeay!! Love you too Abah!

Oh I have another wish list for food next time I'll be in Seremban. Haha..dah siap buat list tuh..

Oh as for the pre-natal check up, the gender of the baby is yet unknown..hehe..the baby sort of SHY to show his/her genitals. So, we'll have to be patient for another 4 weeks then!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Rojak adalah Topik Hari Ini

Bukan rojak makanan yer..tapi topik campur-campur. Adelah saya sudah terkenan dengan Momster Nina. Tapi dia tulis full BM. Saya 80% BM shj. Jadik rasanya hari ni bahasa  adalah bahasa rojak..

Hari ni adalah hari gaji di ofis saya. Gaji yg termasuk termasuk increment. Masing2 sibuk kira increment berapa. Tapi alangkah ciputnya increment itu. Walau ape pun saya HARUS bersyukur kan, kenalah. Kalau ikutkan increment tu bak kata orang setakat celah gigi ajer. Nak bayar duit nursery anak pun tak cukup. Takpe yang penting kena doa tahun depan increment lebih mesra pekerja.

Yang penting minggu depan pulak bonus nak masuk..Oh saya sgtla gumbira!! Duit tak dapat lagi, tapi list dah berjela-jela..macam-macam nak. 

Oh lagi satu yg buat saya gembira, esok cuti! Yeah! Weekend saya panjang dr org lain sbb Isnin ni saya nak bercuti. Agenda utama adalah utk checkup baby dlm perut ni haaa..Mintak2 la dpt tahu jantina baby nih. Sama ada geng Daddynya atau geng Mummy. Tapi kalo boleh nakla geng Mummy plak kan. 

Okaylah, setakat ini lah merambu dari saya. Kalau cikgu BM tengok ni, mmg fail SPM saya.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its Green Day, Its Earth Day!!

Image From Google

If you haven't noticed, today is Earth Day! So this is another 'Khidmat Pesanan Masyarakat' post, hehehe..

In my company, we were encourage to wear something GREEN today, and fortunately  I had some greens on my blouse today, hehehe..
Okay, one thing that caught my attention today, on one of the steps you can take towards preserving our Earth is your detergent usage in laundry. This is an excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article,

Seventh Generation's co-founder, Jeffrey Hollender, wonders why more people haven't stumbled upon laundry's big, dirty secret: "You don't even need soap to wash most loads," he says. The agitation of washing machines often does the job on its own.
No soaps? Can you do it? I know this is not common among us. I, myself use detergent because all this while we've got this equation in our head 'To get clean clothes, we must use detergent', right?

So, can we change this mindset of ours?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tax is Taxing

I bet most of us are now busy filling their tax form.

Yeah, I've done mine!! In fact I've settled mine since last week..hehehe..agak2 dapat kurang ke cukai kalo awal?

By the way, I really think that tax relieve for a child should be increased from RM 1000. Don't you think the value is too little?  Sapa setuju dgn akak?

Oh another tax relieve that should be increased is the kwsp and insurance part..kan?

Monday, April 19, 2010

22 Months Young

Luckily, this month I remember his another monthly-versary. Altho I posted this i bit late. Hehehe..

  • First things first, i can no longer keep up with his new words and vocab. It seems that he's building up new words every day and sometimes in short sentences too : two or three words !
            ' Mummy, bus anyak (banyak)'
            ' Nak andi (mandi), panassh'
            'Ajif pulak..' 
  • Oh, one thing for sure, my boy lately has became somewhat a 'shy' boy. He doesn't warmed up to others like before and sometimes if strangers said 'HI' to him, he would cry!! Yes to that extend!
  • If we asked him to count, he would go by this way, two, three, four...six...two, three, four..
  • He likes playing with his sticker books.
  • After each drawing he would say..'Cantiknya'..hehehe..perasan jugak..
  • Upin and Ipin cartoon , he would recognized as betam..betam..betam..not betul..betul..betul..
Oh, what else?
  • Still have a hard time to put on his diapers. But when asked him, can  you tell Mummy if you want to pee? His answer would be no..aiyah..
  • Oh definitely he's a Daddy's boy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Talking in His Sleep

This morning while after Subuh prayers, I caught my little boy talking in his sleep! Not just plain 'Mummy' or 'Daddy', but in sentences! There's 'Jatuh ....something' ( Lupa dah ape dia ) only to fall right back to sleep..Its funny !! Hehehe..

What is sleep talking?

Sleep talking, or somniloquy, is the act of speaking during sleep. It's a type of parasomnia -- an abnormal behavior that takes place during sleep. It's a very common occurrence and is not usually considered a medical problem.~~ More From WebMD

But its nothing to worry though. I, myself used to sleep talking when I was a child. According to my mum, at one time my sister and I even talked to each other! And on same wavelength too! She thought we were not asleep at that time, but when she checked our eyes were both shut! Hehe...sounds like Nazif somehow 'inherit' it from me..

So, did you toddler sleep talking too?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm sure at one point of time, your child may have this feeling, JEALOUSY!

Well Nazif sure has this. Towards me and hubby!

Whenever he saw us sitting or laying side by side, hugging or just plain hand holding, he would sure 'buat muka'. If we were watching TV, he would switch off the tv to show his jealousy. Or he would throw whatever toys or books that he's playing or reading before.

Well, in a way his jealousy has became my latest 'secret weapon'.  Last night, he refused to clean up before bedtime and moreover he got poo poo in his diaper. After much persuading and coaxing I was already on the verge of anger. Lastly when I finally ran out of idea, me and hubby decide to ignore him by laying together. And walla...! He just stopped playing! And as usual, switched off the TV and just 'buat muka' sedih. And I slowly persuade him to clean up and he just obeyed! yeay!!

But again, we'll see how long this 'secret weapon' can last. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Domestic Goddess

My cleaning lady couldn't make it today..huwaaa...

Terpaksala mak yong turun padang..but i only managed to clean my downstair bathroom, then I surrender!! And then pick up those toys of Nazif, sususn sana sikit, susun sini sikt, that's it!
And I've got two piles of clothes, waiting to be folded and kept..the part I hated most.

Why oh why there's no such thing as folding machines?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Missy Busy

In the busy mode, hence my lack of update these days.

Seriously where's my writing mojo has gone to? That's another thing.
I bet you all know which series that have this words spoken a lot.

Hahaha..bestla pulak..Seriously...

Monday, April 05, 2010

Nasi Lemak Buah Bidara

My luck ran out of me last Saturday..hehe..we did not win any lucky draw prizes..only the door gift which everybody received, jadikla...

On the other hand, I have been reading or sort of following about the 15 year old girl who ran away to her BF house and insists on getting married. This reminds me of this pantun:

Nasi lemak buah bidara
Sayang selasih hamba turutkan
Buang emak buang saudara
Kerana kasih hamba turutkan

..hish dah gatal sgt ke apa? I mean, of course their intention was good, to elak maksiat and all that. Pity the girl's mother. But can they really handle marriage life that comes after that? Its not going to be all bed of roses adik ooi...

P/S: When I was that age, all I could think about was PMR..huhuhu..kawin jauh sekali..

Friday, April 02, 2010


I'm not feeling well today..My head feels heavy and I've got a little bit of temperature. Ni kes salah makan lagi lah kot...Sensitive sungguh perut peknen kali nih..

Hope I will be back to normal self by tomorrow. My company is having Family Day and I wish I'll have my lucky stars tomorrow for the Lucky Draw prizes! 

Thursday, April 01, 2010


I'm now at the stage where,


Uhuhu..definitely this is 'dangerous' to my weight. During last check-up, I gained almost 2 kgs..that's considered a lot if compared to my 'tak-lalu-makan' stage.  And now that I always wanted to munch all the time..I just don't want to imagine the figures for next month's check up.

So hopefully to avoid extreme weight gained, for my munch2 thingy now I will try to stick to fruits, dates, dried apricots and the likes. Though I'm truly longed for chocolates,cakes and ice cream..hehehe.haaa..kan dangerous food tu??.