Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MyBroadband 2008

Spend the whole day yesterday at MyBroadband 2008 in KL Convention Center.

After so long not involving in exhibition, it was surely a tiring day. Back in the office today..

'Selagi tak tutup mata..kerja..kerja..kerja...'

By the way, the exhibition is still going on until tomorrow.

Friday, October 24, 2008


This coming weekend, I have to prepare my stomach for food I tell you..
So far invitations for open house keep pouring in..have to make a schedule for that.

If last year I wouldn't mind putting up some weight, due to being pregnant, but this year some food restriction must be done!...a bit lucky that I'm still breastfeeding but I don't want to further stretch my stomach, mind you!

Talking about food, I should start my research on baby food for my dear son. I plan to start his solid food when he reached six months..( still 1.5 months to go) but it doesn't hurt to plan now right?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4 Months 'Young'

Nazif already turned to 4 Months last week! Mummy's boy is getting bigger! As of today, his weight might already reached 6 kg..has yet to confirmed on this.

My cheeky boy definitely a charming one, I tell you. Pantang diagah, he would give his sweet smile to you. On the crying part, he still maintain his loudness especially when he's hungry. Nazif sometimes has separation anxiety ( is it too early?) when he sees me walked away from him.

Okay let's see his milestones according to BabyCenter,

Mastered Skill -Most kids can do:
Smile, laughs - checked!
Can bear weight on legs - checked!
Coos when you talk to him - checked! I love talking to him..

Emerging Skills -Half of kids can do:
Can grasps a toy - checked! And put into his mouth
Rolls over, from tummy to back - still trying, half way to go
Advance Skills:

Imitates sounds: "baba," "dada" - Nope
Cuts first tooth - Nope
May be ready for solid food- salivating considered ready?

Well, after looking at the milestones ,Alhamdulilah Nazif is growing healthily. Mummy and Daddy love you and we really looking forward to call us 'Mummy' and 'Daddy' soon!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Raya 2008 *edited

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The first day of Raya

Our raya celebration this year was a blast!

Went back to Seremban on Sunday and still managed to do last minute shopping at Jusco - hubs new sandals, baby's sock, my new blouse..yada..yada..Maksu and family decides to join us in Seremban for raya celebration coz she's just given birth nine days before it was 'meriah' with children!

Come raya morning, everyone was dressed bootifully including my little boy. Alhamdulilah during the photo session Nazif behave very well and started to get sleepy towards the end. Then we went to my grandma's house in Tampin for visit. Relatives keep coming at Wan's house this year as this is the first year raya without Nek Yang. So being the eldest daughter, Wan's house is main port for her younger siblings and their family.

Second day of raya, we just lazed around the house.

Third day, went back to hubby's hometown in Muar. Starting that night we managed to visit to 3 houses, the next day 4 houses, and the day after another 3 houses..phew..raya sakan!

Well should be enough talking abt raya..already started work on Tuesday. But then, the raya mood is still on the air!