Thursday, September 25, 2008

5 days more

Tomorrow will be my last working day before Hari Raya.

As for Hari Raya preparation, it was a bit simpler than last year in terms of raya goodies.
Clothes-wise, is as usual but on top of it is the baju raya for little Nazif! Only shirts and pants will do. Only next year I will pursue baju melayu for him to match with his daddy.

This year will be our most meaningful raya for we get to celebrate it at last with our own child. Its our sixth Hari Raya together and this year we have additional member to celebrate. Alhamdullilah!

So here goes our Hari Raya greetings:

*Please drive carefully to those who 'balik kampung'. We will celebrate hari raya at Seremban until 2nd Syawal and then vamoose to Muar on the 3rd day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

3 Months 'Young'

Nazif turned 3 months yesterday..!

And his 'ring' from the circumcision has fell off yesterday too. In a way you are a 'big' boy now. You can follow daddy to masjid if you want too..hehehe..

Alhamdullilah, praise to Allah for allowing me and dearest hubs to experience all other parents have been through. The entire journey so far has been worth the wait. It tested our patience and perseverance but we overcome it along the way.

Its amazing seeing this little fella growing up. Most of his 0-3 months romper has filled up, and his hands and legs already have this senggat2 like michelin baby..

Let's see what my baby milestone so far..according to babycenter;

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
  • Recognizes face and scents - Checked. Nazif usually smiles when he sees mummy
  • Held head steady - Checked ..anak mummy yg macho
  • Visually tracks moving objects - Checked...what do you expect with his round big eyes?

Emerging Skills (half of the kids can do)
  • Squeals, gurgles, coos - Checked...try talking to him after the he's full..entah apa2 citer yg dia sembang..uuuhh..ahh...akuukkk..
  • Blows bubbles - Checked ...there's belon2 udara at his mouth
  • Recognizes your voice - Checked
  • Does mini push up
Advance Skills

  • Rolls over ,from tummy to back
  • Turns toward loud sounds - Checked ..not only turn, he could wake up from his deep slumber
  • Can bring hands together, bats at toys - Semi checked..the bat at toys part..
No matter what my dear, mummy and daddy loves you!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Macam-macam Story..

Its already 15th Ramadan..which means we are already halfway through the month..and left with only 1/2 month before Syawal. So far, life has been very very interesting. Everyday is unique when you have this little fella around. Sometimes, me and hubby were blessed if we could break the fast and sahur together but other times we simply take turn to eat. Not that I'm complaining..hehehe..
Tgh gelak with his daddy at hospital lobby

A lot of things have happened within this two weeks. One major event that took place was Nazif's minor operation of inguinal hernia plus circumcision on 8th of September at Pusrawi. We were admitted for one night and Alhamdullilah my baby is recovering. Nazif is one tough little guy..even after the operation he slept well through the night despite being hungry..he vomited a few times after coming out from the operation due to the anesthetics. The one that has been crying is not him, but me!
Kesian anak mummy..

Today, Nazif is back to the nursery after being home with tokmama and tok abah last week. He's been quite 'manja' with mummy this past three days. Always wanted to be soothed with mummy's 'ehem' or mummy's singing..hehehe..(habis semua nursery rhymes zaman dolu2 mummy belasah).

Mummy and Nazif getting ready to go out

The chubby and schmontel boy! Love you!