Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Visit To KL Bird Park

Alhamdullilah, on last Deepavali holiday we managed to set our foot on KL Bird Park. Thanks to the good weather in the morning till afternoon. The crowd was quite huge I might say, but we managed, hehehe. Alhamdulilah too, my sons were on their best behaviour that day.

We arrived there quite late, around 11.30 a.m. where the sun started to shine the most. But since the place was surrounded with trees, the heat was bearable. Adik Naqib thankfully sat on his stroller at most times we were there. Maybe he too was excited looking at the birds that flew and roam freely, though he kept pointing and said cat instead of birds..hehehe..

Oh, the admission fees were RM 20 for adults ( Mykad) and RM for kids (3-12 years).  My sister tagged along that day so we had 3 adults and 1 kid for the fees. You do the maths! :) in random order...

Nazif had fun feeding the fishes, and Mummy on the peacock..
See Nazif? He was totally excited..! And he enjoyed the trip!

The birds ..
Here are some that we managed to capture that day, the owl which I doubt he's sleeping, the scarlet bird which names I have forgotten, the emus that 'fart'..(hahaha), the smelly ostrich and peacocks the most shy creatures of all. On head counts I think the peacocks were a lot. There were every where!

Next were the flamingos and its relatives...aiyoo..I failed miserably at remembering those birds name. We didn't have the pictures of hornbills and red eagle came to think of it..nvm its ok.

Various birds at the park that roams freely..
However we didn't managed to catch the bird show that day which was scheduled at 2.30 p.m. We were totally hungry by that all our energy was lost to all those walking and hiking, plus carrying the toddler and pushing the stroller...hahaha..sungguh tak atlethic..But we did have the most enjoyable time..and Nazif brought back and angry bird back pack for a souvenir!

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