Monday, February 13, 2012

Its Monday again! Haih..sekejap je rasa weekend..Yang Nazif asyik tanya,

Hari ni cuti ke Mummy?

Alhamdulilah this morning, he woke up well. Meaning no crying drama. I made his bekal today and Daddy said he didn't cry when he arrived at his kindy this morning..Lega Mummy!

So, what we did during the weekend? As usual, Mummy did the domestic thingy around the house with help from Daddy. Then in the afternoon Daddy ajak gi Empire Shopping Mall. Hajat utama nak carik play tent for the kids. So, dapatla..then since Subang and Shah Alam are near, we visited my sister Ayni. Looks like Abang Azeem has recovered from his chicken pox.

Then on Sunday, Mummy continued with cleaning around the house. Set up the tent, wahhh..the kids love it! Daddy siap letak toto inside the tent. Then Nazif had Abg Amar, our neighbors's son to play together.

Then petang2..the boys had their haircut, Daddy included. This is Naqib first time at the Mamak's shop. Definitely must be recorded! Now all the boys had theirs, so next week Mummy punya turn plak.

So, itula update setelah sekian lama.

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