Monday, March 19, 2012

The School Holiday

This school holiday was significant because its Nazif's first time! Tried to plan for activities but alas, kita hanya merancang..on Monday Adik Naqib had fever and Mummy had to emergency to look after him. And so, Nazif just stayed at home with me.

Other days, he just went to the nursery. On Thursday hubby was on leave and they had Daddy-Son outing, mostly running errands and had lunch with me. Friday, we were on UITM ground to settle SIL registration for her PhD.

At last on Saturday, we finally got to do something ! Being lil chef , well for just 10 mins? When I first asked him whether he wanted to do the cookies deco, he was excited. But after I've done with registration, he started being shy..adoilaaa...Mummy already paidla sayang. So lastly we had to use Adik just as the'bait'..

Nazif , with Mummy's help. Adik Naqib yang lagi sporting dari Abang

Adik was more sporting..well mana tak, he wallop most of the colourful chips..hehe..Lastly this shy boy slowly trying the activity..jadikla..
Still the shy-shy Nazif...

Shyly showing his masterpiece..the star shape mostly is Adik's work

When we were home, then only he got excited again! Luckily he did the dino cookies!

2 apples:

maya amir

kat mana ni beb? kalau aku buat kat umah dgn anak2 mesti aku menjerit jek mcm tarzan..tak bagus betul padahal budak2 tu tgh excited nak tlg masak jugak kan..hehehe


Masa ni kat Shopping complex. Tapi kedai ni dekat ja ngan rumah..mmg ada class for little chef..