Friday, August 03, 2012

Perth Trip

Alhamdullilah, with His rezeki we finally landed our little family for a family vacation to Perth. I'll just go through very brief on our itenerary but with loads of pictures..hehehe..
Departure Night - 7 July 2012
We departed for Perth with AirAsiaX on 7th July and landed in the wee hours of morning. After going through the immigration and custom check ( Alhamdulilah we passed through without luggage checking), we performed our solat at the airport before we got to the hotel.

We stayed at Sullivans Hotel which was located at Mountsbay Road. The staff were very friendly and we managed to get early check-in ( 2 hours early)as what was requested during booking. But just before our rooms were ready, we had our first sight seeing near the hotel compound. Once we got our room, we freshen ourselves and got ourselves to our first destination, Fremantle.

Serene view along Mountsbay Road

We went to Fremantle by taking the train. By the time we arrived, we straight away looked for Cicerellos for our lunch. Dah kebulur time tu, plus with the cold and windy weather lagilah. We had fish and chip set and seafood set which were abundance! ( So tapaued the F&C as our dinner).

Oh dear, had to stop for the time being. Will continue later.

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