Monday, March 03, 2008


That will be my title post for today..It reflects exactly what my state-of-mind right now.

I know its not good for my health and the person I'm carrying..but what to do Spiderman says.."With great power comes great responsibility"...altho the power is not a superhuman power but in terms of job power and decision making...I even make decision and planning during sleep..can you imagine!

Here we are the 'kelas bawahan' team..cracking our heads to meet the timelime and spec..but the management keep saying we did nothing...

Luckily I have this little person inside of me that sometimes remind me to chill off with his kicks and turns..oo gonna a be boy! Insya-Allah!

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hi ida.. big congrats on the pregnancy! am so happy for you!! i needed to check your blog if what i thought was accurate when i read your comment on my blog, and am so pleased to find out that it is indeed from your previous posts!

anyway, not long to go now. you might want to pack your bag now even - remember, imran came 3 weeks early! keep us posted ok? take care dear.. xx