Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4 Months 'Young'

Nazif already turned to 4 Months last week! Mummy's boy is getting bigger! As of today, his weight might already reached 6 kg..has yet to confirmed on this.

My cheeky boy definitely a charming one, I tell you. Pantang diagah, he would give his sweet smile to you. On the crying part, he still maintain his loudness especially when he's hungry. Nazif sometimes has separation anxiety ( is it too early?) when he sees me walked away from him.

Okay let's see his milestones according to BabyCenter,

Mastered Skill -Most kids can do:
Smile, laughs - checked!
Can bear weight on legs - checked!
Coos when you talk to him - checked! I love talking to him..

Emerging Skills -Half of kids can do:
Can grasps a toy - checked! And put into his mouth
Rolls over, from tummy to back - still trying, half way to go
Advance Skills:

Imitates sounds: "baba," "dada" - Nope
Cuts first tooth - Nope
May be ready for solid food- salivating considered ready?

Well, after looking at the milestones ,Alhamdulilah Nazif is growing healthily. Mummy and Daddy love you and we really looking forward to call us 'Mummy' and 'Daddy' soon!

3 apples:


if u want to start him on food, start wif vege... kalau kau start dgn nestum, sampai sudah dia nak benda manis je... try gerber's carrot... or better, buat sendiri. for khadeeja, aku rebus carrot, put a little bit garam (sikit saja!), and blend. After that you can do wif potato, spinach... etc....


ooo..tq ziah for the tip! kalo start dgn nasi kosong yg blended ok tak?


some people say nasi buat badan budak lembik sikit (assuming that it's carb and watery...)... i dunno... try la. campur nasi and sayur. biar ada rasa sikit. and vege is always good... i do it wif apples and bananas too.