Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This time by Nina, since I'm also in the blogroll plus I needed something to occupy my mind in order to forget here are the

7 Facts about me

1) I love shopping, (who doesn't?), be it window shopping, the real shopping and now its online shopping..but I don't like going shopping when there's sale such as member's sale..I hate the crowd! I used to go to member's sale and ended up not buying anything or buying the non-sale items. Such a waste wasn't it? And now with the online is such a breeze!

2) I am such a cry baby or I might say I'm a softie..hehehe.. I can easily cried while watching movies ( I cried watching My Best Friend's Wedding), reading sad book or even reading sad blog entry. I cried when I heard my baby's first short I cried when I'm sad or trully2 happy!

3) I only have one credit card, and usually I paid in full after each transaction that I made..there's no way for the bank to collect their interest..hahaha..

4) I have undergone three operations so far ; remove lump from left b*** when I was 21, remove cyst when I was 26 and the latest is the c-sect when I delivered Nazif..

5) My idea of de-stress would be lying in bed with a good book.

6) I hate thriller movies and series. I can never watch film like Ju-on, the Eyes and all its relative. And series like Kekasih ku Seru, and what nots. If I happen to switch to channel that's showing these I would be like.."Cepat..tukar channel!!" And sometimes the remote would not cooperate with me!

7) I have another 4kgs to shed to return to my pre-pregnancy weight..its so hard I tell you! Luckily I only gained 11 kg (Lucky huh?) throughout the pregnancy..

Wow..that's it. I managed at last ..thought it would be so hard.

I would like to tag those who haven't done this yet.

2 apples:


i agree with no 6. aku ni penakut orgnya...haha...and i just couldn't understand what fascinate all these people about pontianak, pocong and the likes...buat org byk pikir yang bukan2 jer..


i am no. 5! :)