Saturday, January 09, 2010

1Superkids! You know..THATTT 1Superkids?

Ok..this is a public service plus a contest..hehehe..okay I'm turning my creative juices on (Creative sgtla tu)..Beware there are lots of questions and answers here..


1.Okay, did you notice this badge in myside bar?? Nope? Yes?

If not, go on!..just click on the image and pay them a visit!

2. Ok? Done? Don't you think its 'cool-brave- gemilang- cemerlang-terbilang' in the making blog community?
Okay if you think so because I do, don't just sit down quietly, let the others the famous saying goes SHARING IS CARING!

3. Uhuh..ok..If i'm too lazy to visit..what is with 1Superkids? Can you tell in short?
  • 1SuperKids is established for parents, aunties, uncles, etc. as a sharing platfrom to share and learn about other experiences, not only in parenting, but also everyday tits and bits as parents and parents to be.
  • 1SuperKids is collaborating with Conteng-Conteng, where Conteng-Conteng is an online gallery where our children could submit and sell their artworks. Who knows your child could be the next Picasso!

4. Why am I SUPER eager to promote?
Because they are holding a campaign Help-Me-To-Grow, which aims to gain more members, more shared stories and many doing this, you'll stand a chance to win some prizes!! Do I make you started to drool yet? Let see the snippet of the prizes offered..

  • Blog makeover inclusive a header and blog template from worth RM100
  • Petronas Petrol voucher worth RM20 from MySuperKids
  • 1 Handbag Hook from Ayu The Sun worth RM50.
  • 1 Tupperware Lacto Fibre worth RM100 from RealIncomeSMS
  • Shaklee Basic Trial Pack for 30-day worth RM80 from MyShakleeStore
  • Mystery Gift  Free Delivery for every purchase from Ucu E-Shop
That's not all, there'll also be other prizes for other winners plus some lucky winners too!

5. See..the prizes are yummeh right? So how do you join this campaign??
As easy as 'sap-sap-soi'..knowing me ( I' don't like to paste so many things here) you can view all about the campaign HERE.
It has all the instructions, which were pretty easy, the T&C, PRIZES lists and Oh this campaign started from 5th January to 5th February.

So, why not try your luck?

2 apples:

cool mom super dad

salam, camner nak dapatkan code utk badge help me to grow tu...i dah register tapi tak tau nak cari kat mana.....hope u have the answer on my page at


Salam kenal. Tahniah dapat menang 2nd Prize for this contest. Btw, mari join my current giveway..lots of exciting prizes to be won. :>