Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nazif the Big Brother

I know I have been lacking in updating Nazif's milestones. He is now 29 months young..ish..ish..I wish he stays this way forever!He's slowly developing his own personality and his own thoughts. If he wants something, he would be very firm about it, sampai pening kepala kita dibuatnya..and he still such a cry baby too!! 

For example, if I opened the auto-gate then suddenly he wanted to do that. So I had to close the gate, then let him open them again. Or better still if I wanted to avoid such drama, I will just give him the option beforehand, Nazif nak bukak gate ke, Mummy bukak? If he said, he wanted to do it, I will let him.

Nazif and Naqib posing for Mummy

One thing for sure, he loves his baby brother Naqib. His way of showing his affection is by gently playing with Naqib's ear and kissing his botak head and face. If you see him do that, don't asked him  to stop, if not kepala adik kena lepuk you have to gently remind him not to overdo his affection. Sometimes, when  I was busy doing chores he will 'look after' his brother in the rocker and call Mummy if his brother vomited, "Mummy, baby muntah", or if there's a cloth nearby he would wiped them..see?? Sweet isn't it?

He also likes to make muka hantu, which actually not scary at all, hehe...
His Muka Hantu

And ooo..he's singing too nowadays..especially in the car to his lagu 'Ayah'. If I sang with him he would stop me.."Mummy no, tak nak nyanyi"..cess..taula sora Mummy ni sedap kan..bertuah punya anak..

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