Friday, May 06, 2011

Sayonara Bukit Merbah

It has been ..well over 16 years that I had left this place.

So why the sudden visit?
Actually, every year on 1st May, it was old girls day. And I've been there once way back when I just graduated..wah dah lama betul..
Altho my mum's house was just in Seremban 2, I have never been able to get myself here for every OGA days. But this year we (my sis) and me NEKAD jugak, even a day earlier to walk down the memory lane because starting next year, this school will be relocated to Bandar Enstek, Nilai.

The Administration and School Compound
Actually, there's more picture which I'll put up later.

So, a lot have changed. Of course la what do you expect right. In terms of additional things, there's a new building behind the surau, which I don't know what. Better toilets in hostels and admin blocks, bigger canteen and co-op. There's also sort of cyber cafe in the area where band members used to practice. But one thing I miss, pokok rhu tepi padang..there're gone girls..feeling pretty nostalgic now.

But there's certain thing that remains. Its the giving 'salam' tradition. We even got some but not Assalamualaikum Kak, but old meh! Another one is the announcement tone. Believe me it is still the same.

I wonder what are they going to do with that area once they are relocated..

5 apples:


to be exact, it will be relocated to just in front of my village entrance...tiap kali balik kampung pun p tgk d construction...:)


CT: Ye ke CT..wah!!


ha ah...kut rasa nak nengok...from seremban 2, amik jalan dalam nak p sepang...sure lalunye...


Pesal dok lalu kat umah ct x pasan pun ada construction area..hmmm


ayni, if awak on d way to sban2, the construction kat belah kiri..xde la nampak dari jalan besar sgt coz nak masuk ke dalam agak jauh la gak...but can see d buildings already....