Thursday, May 26, 2011

Choosing a Preschool

I think its really hard choosing a pre-school. When one have to many options, one became indecisive.

There are a few criteria of school in my list. Islamic, English and Malay medium. So around my housing area there are 5 kindies that fits these criteria.

A. Little Caliph
B. Genius Aulad
C. Sri Ayesha Islamic Montessori
D. Taski Abim - not sure whether its English medium
E. Child Islamic Centre (CIC)

But apart from that I have yet to see the school environment. Do you think I should be along my son, so that he can 'feel' which kindy he likes most?

So, I really welcome any feedback from you all.

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As you might have known, I send my kids to Little Caliphs. Masa mula2 nak hantar Afiq dulu, memang gi ronda2 the area survey tadika.

For me, ada a few things yang important - convenience tempat tu, transport senang ke tak, environment sekolah tu sendiri, the teachers masa I gi survey2 tu. (First impression, cara dia entertain kita, how dia interact with our children etc.)

Methods and syllabus pun of course la penting kan. Mcm LC, diorg ada their own method of teaching. I'm sure yang lain2 pun mcm tu.

So far I have to say I'm very happy with LC. But then since lain2 operator, kena survey jugak la the LC in your area mcm mana. Yours in section berapa eh? June nanti our LC will combine with LC Seksyen 3 and 7 for Sports Day.. :D

Happy surveying you! ;)

p/s: Pasal LC punya method, Mieza is the best person to talk to, since she owns one. :)


Kak Ida, last saturday LC ada keluar kat TV3. I think the method used there mcm interesting. Cikgu2 pun nampak very friendly...


Ainil : LC tpt I is in DCempaka, Sek 9. Baru bukak this year kalau tak silap..Br htr email, so far feedback dia bg cepatla. I plan to go there utk site survey..hehehe. Convenient jugak sbb dia ada smpi ptg punya program.



Masa I enrolled Afiq to LC pun, the Kajang branch was brand new. So kira Afiq is in the first batch la. :) I am impressed with their enthusiasm. Buat optional classes like swimming, aikido and iqra'.

Seronok eh budak2 tadika sekarang. Mcm2 activities. School excursion lah, monthly birthday party lah. :)

As for their method tu, at the beginning of the year diorang buat one-day seminar for parents, so we'll know the technique they're using, so nanti boleh apply kat rumah jugak. Takde la bebudak confused, sekolah ajar lain, mak ayah ajar old school a-b-c. Hehehe

The Momster

You should also choose one that encourages learning through play and doesn't grade the kids. That would do a lot for their self confidence. :)



I totally agree with you! Can't imagine them having to deal with the pressure of exams at such young age!

usi lemn

I think it is very good if you ask him where he likes most, because he will be there every day. I did this with my boy and it was very good.


Momster : Yeah! Definitely..takmo lah kecik2 dah ada exam ni...kesian.learning thru playing is better

Ainil : LC tu exam oriented tak?

Usi lemn : I think I'm gonna take yr suggestion! Bring him along for him to decide..


Ida.. Sorry, baru perasan ur question.

No, LC is not exam oriented. Takde exam pun.. and another important thing (for me at least), is takde homework.

Another thing yang diorg stress is.. memang takde syllabus agama dalam lesson diorg.. tapi everything is incorporated in all their activities and subjects. I love that about them.