Friday, August 19, 2011

Raya Cards Anyone?

This morning, over the radio the DJs were discussing about Hari Raya cards..aahh..feeling pretty nostalgic already. Up till today, I haven't received any Hari Raya cards nor I sent any cards. Pretty sad,huh? I wonder when my children grow up raya cards will still exist.

I remembered when I was in primary, we would hung hari raya cards on tree. My Abah would be busy sending raya cards to his friends and family. He even custom- made the raya cards, with our names in it. And he would gave me some for me to give to my friends.

Then, during my secondary, raya cards were still relevant. Usually, we would also custom-made them according to classes/dorms. The competition who got the most was still there, hehehe..oh I wish I still keep those cards somewhere.

But now, with FB, blogs, phone and SMS, raya cards was ceased to existence. Also, with these technologies, stamps too were becoming very rare indeed. I doubt children these days have 'collecting stamps' as their hobbies, like I did. I found my stamp books in Seremban and I hope it is still there so that I can show to my children later when they could understand and appreciate things better.

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buku setem mmg wujud lg tp setem2 dlm tu dikhuatiri kewujudannya...hahaha