Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

Its break time, and I am so sleepy!! Very very sleepy indeed!

Its already Wednesday, the 10 th Ramadan, meaning it has been 1/3 of month already! Masya-Allah! So far Alhamdullilah I'm fasting, cooked almost..see here almost everyday for iftar and sahur. Terawikh , got a few nights that I missed..but most of them were done at home. I can't  really have them at Masjid with two little heros, one would definitely cry for daddy or mummy and another one would be crawling and looking for Mummy. Thanks, but I prefer to do it at home after hubby had his at the Masjid. Maybe next year we'll try to join jemaah in Masjid.

Went back to Seremban last weekend to have iftar with family. Me and little sis managed to bake our first batch of chocolate chip cookies, which I doubt could last for hari raya. As of on Sunday, the amount that left were half from what we had baked. I think we need another batch for Hari Raya, Insya-Allah.

Also, we finally trimmed Naqib's curls!! Oh dear no picture were taken during the process. But compared to Nazif, Naqib was wayyyyy cooperative in trimming hairs. Or daddy has developed better skill? Well whatever it is, Naqib looks more handsome and and 'boyish' than before. I hope people will not get confuse of his gender anymore.

Whoaa...still feeling sleepy. I hope you don't fall asleep as you're reading this..I better take my 5-mins beauty nap..

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