Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is another significant date 12-12-12...and in less than one day, me and hubs will be having our wedding anniversary..and its our 10th Year..Alhamdullilah.
Well, actually there's a lot been happening and let me just summarized.
Ok on my first born Nazif Irfan, Alhamdullilah he finally completed his first year of preschool. So next year he'll be continuing his preschool at the same place. We were truly thankful on his achievement, we never set any target for his first year at the preschool, let him go with the flow. He's more independent now I might say.
While waiting for bus his little Ihtifal rehearsal..he was excited!

His little ihtifal on November..yes this Mummy cried..tu belum anak grad kindy..tgk anak org lain pun nanges!
His achievement..for his record..

And my first born..amacam hensem?

Ok..what about the other little fella? Naqib Imran Alhamdullilah is also doing well. Still very much attached to me, finally wean off from miss B on his birthday. He's catching up on the speech side, thankfully, and has started on the 'terrible two' phase which I prefer calling as 'trying and testing' phase. But he still very much my little baby and very manja one too..
My not-so-little boy anymore

He also wants a school bag..


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