Thursday, January 03, 2013

Hello 2013, Good Bye 2012!

Alhamdullilah, we had passed another year and now entering new year 2013. Hope its not too late to wish Happy New Year. Another year to look forward to and how about New Year's resolution? Well, its been years since I've made resolution. Let's make it as daily pledge, cause you never know this maybe your last day in this world. Wallahu'alam.
Twenty twelve certainly holds many memories; good and bad ones. But these three are the significant ones that I can recall.
My first born Nazif, started his pre-school. So, it comes with many 'first' memories. First sports day, first school trips, little ihtifal, school holidays and many more.
Then ,we had our first family trip oversea to Perth. Alhamdullilah for the rezeki to be able to feel and appreciate Allah's creation in another part of the world. And before the year ends we also managed to go to JB and Singapore for holidays.
Thirdly, this year marks our tenth year of wedding anniversary. This is the greatest gift that I'm most thankful for. Allah has blessed us with this relationship and I hope its going to last until our time comes and until hereafter.
And twenty thirteen, I hope there are more good things to come.

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