Sunday, May 17, 2009

11 Month Young

Nazif is 11 months TODAY! can't believed it, he's turning into a toddler soon. But to me, he's still my baby!

As of today, Nazif is not yet walking, but its ok baby, take your time. Mummy still wants to carry you. His weight may have reached 9 kilos. His weight growth is kinda slow now, due to him being active and all.

As for development wise, many stories have been told in previous previous posts..but then let me make summary about them:

  • He never sit still. He's crawling every where, and his favorite spot would be under the dining table. He's also quite a climber too..and he likes the staircase or even me! He climbs all over me.
  • He can stand still for a few seconds and if we hold his hand, he can take a few steps walking. He's very good in cruising no doubt.
  • Recognized some objects. He will point to the lights/fan when we say 'lampu', look outside to the sky when we say 'bird', point to mummy and daddy when we asked who is who...emm what else?
  • Oh yess, he's chatty. Ami, ami, bek for bird,..and sometimes imitate words sound.
  • Social wise, Nazif likes to play with other children..the good side of the nursery..but, with adult he is choosy. Even his Tokma had a hard time to carry him. He would wail, and lentok2 his body when you take him by force.
Umm..should there be a party for his first year celebration? My mind has kinda set to just celebrate it with our family..but that's the plan. We'll see about that later.

3 apples:


Nampak Nazif kecik plak bila duduk kat sofa tu...

Baby Lyana

wah..dah 11 bulan..kejap ajer.. org ckp 1st birthday tak paham lagi, celebrate besar2 when they turn 2.entahlah, yg penting our kid happy kan?


yer shaf, 1st birthday more to parents nyer celebration on their parenthood kan..anyway tu terpulang pd diri msg2 kan..