Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Boy in Green and Red

I have received the CD a few days ago from Milin and Norman. I HEART all of them..again thank you very much Milin and Norman..

I wish to put them all here..but of course that's impossible. There are too many..thus I picked some that I really2 like..apart from what Milin had post in her blog.

Just the three of us..

A kiss for Daddy

Kisses from Mummy and Daddy

The Red Boy

The Green Boy

Oh BTW I haven't blog much about him nowadays. For the record Nazif had finally reached his 9 kg weight a week before he turned one. And yes he can walk a few steps now..getting better and better each day..He started to build his vocabulary with bird, cat, fan and can now call Daddy once in a blue moon..hehehe..

Ahh..he's got two going to three teeth on the upper side. The worst fear of Mummy has started..which was the BITING part! Argghh..I can't help it but scream whenever he bite me..any tips on how to overcome this?

2 apples:

** Perfect Love **

Not enough... more Nazif's picture plzz.. hehe

Baby Lyana

So cute.. well as for the tips.. (reading on some website).. just release yourself from him when he bites..and teach him that he can't get his milk if he's biting..hehe...tapi, jgn marah dia.. just for him to learn that it's not for biting..he actually not aware that he's biting her mom.. Lyana pun bite gak dulu, but not anymore after the lesson...