Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Walk in The Park..

Its Sunday, and the weather seems right for a stroll in a park. So right after Asar prayer, we went to Taman Tasik Cempaka near to our home..Mind you, this is Nazif's first time to this park and me too! Emm..after 3 of years living here...ahaks..

That's why there's a lot of picture! So here we go..

Ye..tuan-tuan & puan-puan, we finally set foot at this park..Welcome to Tmn Tasik Cempaka

Father and son, walking hand-in-hand, Mummy was too busy being a photographer..

Nazif was too intent, taking view of his new surrounding..

Oh Daddy..terlebih suda...I'm tired oledi..

Hello, So tired aaa?? I know a better place for you to take a breath..

Oh..this bola-bola keras is cool for resting..

Hi girl..why so shy meh?

OK..its time to go home..ta! (That's Nazif's gesture of saying goodbye).

6 apples:


Nazif memang happy sangat sebab on the way back to singgah makan ice giler..

Baby Lyana

makan ice cream? oh peberet Lyana tu..

Mama Eiman Iman

comel nye...aku weekend slalu ke situ..bawak bdk2 main..


nak gak bwk ian jalan2 gi taman.. tapi ayah dia asyik sibuk jer..


kecik2 da pndai ngorat eh..


Baby Lyana : Tu la lama tak mkn ice cream..kusyuk smpi terlupa nak amik gamba..

Mama Eiman : Ko lagi rajin dr aku..aku ni first time tau! Lps ni boleh gi lagi..

Jiey Mien : Hoho..takpe. Ni pun kitorang saje nak memecah rekod asyik gi mall je gi tmn pulak.

Ucu aka Yern : Ho..dah ade blog eh..a'ah anakku mmg suka kat budak kan..tak kira le pompuan ke lelaki..