Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mummy! Don't leave me!

This morning, Nazif is terribly clingy! Haiyaah..I think his Separation Anxiety period has reached the ultimate peak. He only wants ME..ME..and ME! And my boobies..Mummy had a hard time to prepare for work today. He would only stop crying when I carried him..this thing has been around for several weeks but this morning is the worst..he even refused his Daddy!

He totally ditched others except me and hubby ( on certain time, hubby had his share too)...even his Tok Mama Seremban had a hard time to get to him..

This is 'Senyum dalam Tangisan' mode..

Oh I really hope this phase would pass soon or at least it would be enough of him to be less clingy. I don't mind being near him when he plays and feed him. I hope he would understand that by not carrying him does not mean I'm gone, vanish, kebabooom! Mummy will always be near you darlinh but lets give each other some space, ok? Moreover, I am not at 100% 'healthy' to carry you around that much, remember my scar dear? still itches ( Mcm Harry Potter la plak).

Ok, I've search through the internet and found this at

Yes, so far me and hubby say our goodbye PROPERLY every time we sent Nazif to his nursery. Alhamdulillah , the cry will eventually subsided when we reached the car.

4 apples:

Baby Lyana

oh Lyana pun camni... nak bertepek ajer...nak gi wee-wee pun dia 1 time, kena bawa dia masuk toilet sekali baru diam..dia tunggu i mandi and wee-wee... kalau tak... uwaaa... even daddy dia ade...adoii


:) same goes to my two princesses. Even Humayraa pun still sampai skrg duk clingy to me...pepagi kalo nak pergi keje tu mmg berdoa la die x bangus..else..huhuhuh we'll late to office...:)


biasa la si Nazif tu...Macam tau2 jer nak kena pi kejap jer pastu sampai school dia terus jadik Good Boy..


Shaf, Daddy & CT: The price of motherhood..hehehe