Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anniversary's Affair

Last Monday, it was our 8th Wedding Anniversary! Alhamdullilah, we have made this far. Pray that our marriage will stay until the end of our lives.

So, to commemorate the day we had the day to ourselves, without the kids! Nothing fancy or over the top, just enjoying each other's company. In the morning, we had breakfast at PappaRich in the neighborhood and then off to TH for some date pi jugak buat errand, demi masa depan..hahaha.

For lunch we went a little bit further to Sunway Pyramid, to have my Tony Romas. I have been craving for ribs since pregnant, so that day I had my taste of the bountiful ribs. Yummeh..and also Kicking Shrimps for the appetizer.

The lunch

Before, heading back we had a detour to our investment for the future site. Or maybe our second home...??

The showhouse

When you are enjoying yourself too much, time seems to move very fast. That's what I felt. Tgk-tgk its time to fetch the kids from their nursery and we were back to being the parents, not the couple, hehe. 

To my dear hubby, thank you very much for the day. Thank you for being the understanding husband, the cool superdad and thank you for whatever that you have done for me and our little family. Love you!

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