Monday, December 06, 2010

The Month of Holidays..

December as usual is a month of holiday. Tomorrow is a public holiday and this coming Friday is the replacement leave for Selangor public holiday..Saya sgt suka..!! Oh did I tell you, at the end of the year, our company is having a forced leave for one week for all employees .yeee..semua kena paksa cuti..sama ada suka atau tak..mcm kilang pulak rasa. So, what to do during the long holiday? Travel? With baby in tow? I have mixed feelings about this.

The earliest we went for traveling during Nazif's time was when he's 5 months. Which was to Langkawi. Umm..and if we were to go far with 3 months baby, I don't think I can managed..and with a toddler too!!

December is also my month of week is our 8th Wedding Anniversary!  Baru ingat nak berjln2..hehe..Maybe we'll do what we did last year, PD getaway!! That's the farthest I'm willing to go.

BTW, Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Maal Hjrah!

5 apples:


Happy 8th Anniversary in advance kak ida....

ala...if xmo jejauh..p je pullman putrajaya tu... ;P

Drama Mama

happy anniversary in advance. selamat berholiday dan berjalan-jalan ya! bawka ja si kenit ngn si abang tu...go with the flow. hehehe


CT: Pullman tu mmg dkt betul..nak lagi dekat, equatorial bangi..hahah

Drama Mama : Tq for the wish


equatorial bangi tu mcm x gerak plak dari rumah kan..:) if purtajaya tu nampak la mcm different location sket...heheheh

p/s: sebenornye kami teringin nak duk sana...tgk gamba kat web mcm chanteeeeeeeekkkkk sgt je... p la kak ida...amik gamba bebanyak...pehtu comment..:)


CT : Dah pernah sampai cuma tak tido je kat sana tuh..mmg teringin gakla..