Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nazif 30 Months Young

Oh dear, can you believed, that I 've just realized that Nazif is already 30 months young? Luckily for the ticker in this blog, this Mummy has realized it today!

A lot of things to write about AbangNazif actually. Well I hope I could remember them all.

For one thing, he's getting more independent each day. In terms of dressing up and dressing down. He also choose his own clothes now..its always Ben10 t-shirt and train (thomas) tshirt.*Mode terharu*

He is also a fan of Maher Zain which he addressed as 'Insha Allah'..and he can carried the tune too..

Sometimes he called me Mummy Ida..hehe cute! He getting better in recognizing people's name..teacher Zura, friend Danish, kakak  Alysa, abg Azeem. Afiq and etc.

*Ok..dah tak ingat apa*

Oh we can carry on conversation now..sometimes I just wonder, is this boy just turns 30 months or he is 4 years old kid..cause it felt like one.

He's now at the stage,where he likes to see everything that we do..nak tengok Mummy masak, buat air, basuh baju. And he will carry around his little chair to lift himself up to be at the same level as we do.

And finally he no longer afraid of cutting his hair at Mamak's. Its all because Abg Azeem has one at Mamak. I think his Abg Azeem is his inspiration now. Nak baju mcm abg Azeem, nak rambut mcm Abg Azeem and many more.

3 apples:


Happy 30 mos big bro!!! :)

Kids at one time mmg nak tgk what eva we do...

Same goes to humayraa n anisah..always berlari2an p amik kerusi, nak tgk what's in d pan/pot


Nazif pun bila tgk daddy ambil wudhuk utk solat, dia pun nak ambil wudhuk jugak. Pastu berdiri sebelah daddy utk solat. Tapi Nazif solat 1/2 rakaat jer laa...


CT : Kdg2 risau takut jatuh or dia nak reach out mende yg berbahaya, tu lah main concern nya..