Thursday, June 02, 2011

Cuti-cuti Kuala Terengganu

Its been a week since my last post! Wow..simply taking a break from the net..hehe..

We got back from the East Coast last Monday, and till today the tired feeling was still there. Its HOT in KT! But we did enjoy ourselves. There's a lot of changes around KT town since we last came two years back. The town got more busy as it was the school holiday and we were stuck in jam on the way to a wedding. Can you imagine? And we were considered 'murah rezeki' while been there because there's always someone ( my parents friend) who treated us for meals.

We also managed to visit Taman Tamadun Islam even though its scorching hot and my boys were in their pj's. Hahaha..actually this is an impromptu decision. Right after breakfast, we rode around the town and all the way to Masjid Kristal. Konon-konon nak round saja..but then when we arrived at Masjid kristal, TTI is already opened and we were among the earliest visitor there!

Picture? Will come later if I have the time. Not much were taken because its more to 'jalan-jalan balik kampung', hehehe...

So what's up with the world?
I know there will be new electricity tariff for us. Which means, more saving measure must be taken into account. Work is waiting when I got back to the office, but its OK.

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