Monday, January 05, 2009

Its School Time..

Its the first day of school today..but luckily the traffic today seems as usual..humm..maybe we came out a little bit late thus all the school traffic has subsided;

The office still a bit of lengang..maybe some still on hols mode, to send their kids off to their first day of school.

Down the memory lane, when I was on my first day in primary school, abah was the one who sent me off to the classroom Satu Kuning. My class teacher at that time was Cikgu Sue..and I did something really..really..kinda stupid la at that time..this is the conversation I had with abah after my first day of school..

Abah : Hari ni buat apa kat sekolah?
Me : Cikgu suruh lukihh.lukih..tulih..tulih.(Kedah slang)..
Abah : Mana yg Ida lukih?

Handing over my drawing..

Abah : Awat tak elok ni..garih bengkong2 ja..Ida lukih pakai tangan apa?
Me : Pakai tangan kanan!
Abah : Laa..awat tak pakai tangan kiri ?? ( I'm a leftie you see..)
Me : Takut cikgu marah..(started wailing already..)..kawan2 semua pakai tangan kanan.
Abah : Takpa aaihh..cikgu tak marah laa...Cikgu Sue tu pun tulih tgn kiri jugak Abah tgk..
Me : Haaa..?? Ya ka...( termalu2 sendiri..) anyone would like to share their first day school story?

4 apples:


laaa....lawaknya mummy ida punya 1st day at skool story..hihi...

how innocent we were, kan? kan? hehe..


ya..amat naive sekali..takut sgt nk buat salah..


cute nya speaking utara...mcm nieces aku, tu diaa loghat penang ahaha 'ibu, nak main pasiaq buleh ka?' :P

btw, aku 1st day skolah tak nangis :8)


fara / ly-d

i can't recall my actual first day of school - pre-school that is... but for my 1st day of national school, i only remember being placed next to a chinese girl.. coz i was only able to converse in english..

and ended up being best friends with that girl.. until i left the skool!