Saturday, March 21, 2009

9 Months Young

Just a few days ago, I have written about Nazif in his 8-months period..and now its his 9 months..time is really catching up on me.

Oh Nazif, what do Mummy has to say about you?

Your smile is like sunshine
Bursting energy, cooling my mind

You reached out you hand

And I hold you tight..our hands entwined

Ops..out of idea la plak..thought of writing a poem..hahaha

Nazif's can imitate some words that we spoke to him..but his favourite so far were tata.tatata...
When he's happy, he would make some lizard noise ..hahaha..

His 'house-keeping' skill keeps improving which makes mummy became more tired!
He's certainly quite aware of strangers now, he will scan the strangers face (with his big eyes!) first before HE decided the stranger can hold him.

Took something from him, surely he cried to the top of his lung, and when you gave back to him, he shut up just like that!

In the eating department, Alhamdullilah he still maintain his appetite except when he had sore throat some weeks back,

Oh dear in just 3 months time you'll be one year old!

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