Sunday, March 08, 2009

Of my illness story - Part One

The most FAQ that I got from friends when they visited me in the hospital was..

Didn't you feel any pain on your right abdomen before you knew it was appendix?

Nope..not at all..

At first I thought my gastric occurred again. For me, gastric was normal. I am used to it. Thus that's why I was so ignorant when I felt the pain in the 'ulu hati' on Sunday (Thaipusam day) morning. More over, we are going to a wedding that I thought I could just buy my gastric medicine on the way back from the wedding..

So, we went to the wedding but as my pain was getting stronger, we went back early and had a pit stop at a pharmacy to buy the meds. Immediately drank it and then slept. After sometime I woke up, and started to vomit and vomit and this is bad I thought. So that night after Isyak, I went to the clinic and ask the doctor for a jab..

Got back from the clinic, I tried to eat some bread before taking the medicine, but it all came out again. At last managed to eat 'a' biscuit, drank the medicines and slept!

I thought I could sleep..but the pain was still there all night long...

At almost 6 a.m. I suddenly felt intense pain on my right abdomen..really2 painful that I could almost scream!